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98 Babies

With our 100th post just around the corner, the girls have been very excited about how we are going to celebrate. I am in awe just sitting back, and listening to them brainstorm as to what they want to do. When they team up, they are quite a formidable pair.

This time of the year is a time of a lot of celebration for us. Leila’s birthday is May 5th, mine and Leila’s anniversary is May 22nd. But then add in that May will be the month of our 100th post, and we have surpassed 10,000 website hits and we have been together for three years; all in this month of May 2023.

We decided that since some of those milestones will be passed when the 100th post is done such as Leila’s birthday and 10,000 hits, we will celebrate all of this on our actual 100th post. We are already underway with the work to put it together, which began with some props for the set and extra special items for the shoot.

So while we do all this, we wanted to keep our website template going with our 98th post that shows what both girls are very happy and proud of.

Please enjoy the following three videos: Calendar Girls 2022 music video, Calendar Girls 2023 music video and our Selfie Fest music video.

Wish us luck; we are working very hard to make our 100th post super special!

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