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Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Leila: Hello lovelies! I hope you are all having a good day so far. Well, I will get right to it; Chazy felt really good last night before going to bed. His temperature was almost below 98!

He checked first thing this morning, and his temperature was 100.9. He has lost four days at work, and he is very frustrated! Me and Masami had to drag him out of our medicine cabinet because it seemed like he just wanted one of every pill we have in there!

He is again exhausted, so I figured that this is my chance to speak.

We do have a post that is to be uploaded to our site this Sunday, the 16th of October. It is 100% written; but there is too many things needed from Chazy to make it work. What I am saying, is that our expected post may be delayed, but will be posted at some point.

There is one more thing I wish to talk about.

We are very happy any time we get a new member to! We have had four sign-ups in the last three days. All four sign-ups, there is an issue with their email they signed up with.

We very much want to send a personalized greeting to all members, but if the email is invalid, we cannot. This also means that that member will not be notified of any new post we do.

Wishing for my Chazy's speedy recovery, muahhzz!!

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