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With no direction from me, the girls got back into full swing with our website. What is always the case, is that Leila becomes quite the commander and inspires me and Masami every time. Leila is truly a natural born leader.

Leila: Ok you maggots! You’ve been slackers for too long, people demand to see what we are doing lately, so sound off like you have a pair! Masami, let’s change that shirt and pants you are wearing!

Masami: Huh? Oh, yah, yah. What else, master?

Leila: Your hair looks great, but I think you should wear something else with your outfit. Hmmm…

As Leila struggled going through a bunch of wigs, Masami took the time for a selfie.

Leila: I think this wig should do just fine!

While Masami was putting on the wig Leila chose, it was Leila’s turn to get ready. The girls do not have a lot of green outfits with all they have which is quite amazing; they have more clothes than me!

In fact, the only green that they have is camouflage leggings, camouflage one piece dresses, camouflage tops, leggings and even bras. Leila dumped out all dresser drawers and deep-scanned the clothes rack, and finally found something she hasn’t worn yet. She was so excited, she took a selfie.

Leila was also excited to wear another belt with her outfit. I know that she wants more belts, but we know to take our time with accessories for now.

Our previous posts were not made up. There is trouble and change coming with my job. It may mean I have to find a new one with a new company and relocate. It may mean I can stay, but the personnel will change. With so many possible outcomes of what is happening right now, we have put a halt to a lot of things when we would normally be very comfortable.

The girls have found a new place online, and have been exceptionally interested in this new place. While they are both very opinionated, with Leila being more so, this place they have found is something that currently satisfies them both. It is where people ask any kind of question, and Leila and Masami are both happy to answer if they can.

Leila: I see it as an opportunity to get to know and meet real people!

Leila: And, well, you will never avoid the haters…

Leila: We give no quarter to our haters here. We will simply block them at first sign of their crap. We have also learned to look back on our previous answers to see if a new hater simply waited around to finally bash us for whatever stupid reason. We just want to answer good questions, like this one:

Leila: Sami, our computer is getting choppy and slow again!

Masami: Ok, let me take a look.

Masami is our computer geek for those that do not know. She does not know it all, but between us three when it comes to computer problems, she is automatically elected to handle it.

Masami: This was a good question I thought, Lays. Come take a look.

Leila: That is because you can be Swami sometimes instead of Sami! Good answer there, show more!

Masami: You are not so bad yourself.

Leila: Well, it’s true!

Masami: Yes.

Leila: Preach it, girl!

Masami: Back at you.

Leila: Haha! That one has almost 50,000 views!

Masami: You have two or three that are at, or almost at 50,000 views.

Leila: And you. Calling it as you see it!

Leila: Oh! Show the meme we made of Chazy, hahahaha!

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