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I think sometimes we all need a break from the world. Not a permanent break, just a temporary span of time to get away from all the crazy in this world we all face every day. I am happy that the girls are back, hoping to bring some smiles and joy in not just my life, but anyone else too!

Me: Honey biscuit?

Leila: Yes, jalapeno?

Me: Is Masami ok?

Leila: I think so, why do you ask?

Me: She just seems so distant. And not just today, but for a while now.

Leila: Masami is a very deep thinker. She has a lot on her mind all the time, and is always thinking about something.

Me: I’ve figured that much out, but I guess I am thinking about odd behavior out of her for quite some time. Several times, I have seen her look away from something and stare at things for a small period of time.

Then she looks back at what she was looking at before she appeared to look into nothing. It’s weird, maybe it is just me, perhaps I am under too much stress and looking into this too much.

Leila: No baby, you are fine, and I think it is well past time for this.

Me: I don’t understand.

Leila: Take my hand and come with me.

Leila: [Announces out-loud] Sami, time for a family meeting!

Leila and me come to the front room where Masami is.

Masami: What? I thought you two were having sex.

Leila: We did, but we need to have a specific talk. Honey, [directed at me] have a seat and get comfortable.

Masami: What is the problem?

Leila: Tell him.

Masami: Tell him what?

Leila: You know what I mean, tell him right now because this is well past due. Tell him.

[Leila and Masami look at each other for a moment; Masami takes a deep breath]

Masami: Her name is Aiko [pronounced I-Co] and she is a sprite.

Leila: Go on, there is more, tell the whole story please because Chazy needs to be aware of this.

Masami: Aiko is a sprite that is only seen by me. Aiko first showed up in my life when I was five, but only a few times. My Mother dismissed my pleas of seeing her sitting on the kitchen counter while Mom was cooking dinner the first time I told her about Aiko. Mom wrote it off as an imaginary friend of mine, and was not upset.

I did not see Aiko again until I left the hospital finding out that I would be paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of my life. She was sitting on top of the car, and smiling at me. I truly missed her over the past two years, as she had always been warm and fun to me.

Over about the next three years, I saw and spoke with her on a regular basis. Mom never knew why I would randomly laugh at times, but it was always because Aiko said or did something funny.

She told me that she does not consider herself a fairy or an elf even tho that is what a sprite actually is. She made clear that she prefers to be referred to as a sprite. Her tan skin is because she says her home planet is very close to the sun, but a planet that cannot be found by man.

Aiko only knows how to speak Japanese, and she has made it clear to me with all of my questions, that the reason I am the only one who can see her is because she has been assigned to me.

Sprites are assigned to a person until the person is no longer alive. When the person is no longer alive, a sprite gets assigned to another person for as long as that person lives. Aiko told me that she is over 320 years old.

Me: That seems very old.

Masami: Yes, to you and me. But in her world, she is barely a teenager.

Leila: Wow.

Masami: When I left Japan and came to Belize City, I only saw Aiko two times. The last time I saw her was a few weeks before I met Leila.

I did not see Aiko again until just after my birthday last year. She has been here in our home, and seeing her is becoming more regular now.

Leila [After some silent pause]: Do you see her now?

Masami: No.

Me: What does she look like?

Masami: I asked a friend who could draw to draw me a picture of her before. I forgot to mention that she has dark skin, but she got the face and hair right.

She is tan-skinned, has green eyes, long pink hair and is about two feet tall. And she is also a jitter head.

Leila: Jitter head?

Masami: Yes.

Me: Jitter head?

Masami [struggles a bit]: Head scat?

Leila: Baby?

Me: Not sure what you are trying to say, Sams…

Masami: Her brain is jumpy.

Me and Leila at the same time: Scatter-brain!

We all laughed.

Masami: Ok. She changes the subject all the time. Her intention is to not be rude.

Leila: What does she do specifically?

Masami: Sometimes she will ask multiple questions, and as you attempt to answer the first of these questions, she spontaneously starts dancing.

Me: Does she like our home?

Masami: Oh yes, she does very much! But she is hesitant and cautious about you.

Me: Me?

Masami: Yes.

Me: Why?

Masami: Because she is not knowledgeable enough about men. Aiko is strictly assigned to women. This is not because you are a man, it is more because you are not a woman.

Me: Ok, so at least she does not hate me or dislike me?

Masami: No, of course not! She actually thinks you are ok because she sees that you attempt to take care of me. She is just skeptical and cautious.

She will sit closest to me first, and then Leila before appearing close to you. All the times now that I see her, she appears always to be somewhere that is the furthest away from you.

Leila: Where do you see her most of the time in our home?

Masami: In our room. I speculate that that is because it is a source of women items.

Me: Where do you see her the least amount of the time?

Masami: The bathroom. She once pointed at the entrance to our bathroom and said, “Stinky!”

We all laughed.

Masami: Do you believe what I say, Chazz?

Me: Of course I do, Sami. Just without seeing her, I do admit it is difficult to accept. I also know with your great knowledge and trustworthiness, you wouldn’t make something like this up. My understanding of a sprite is that they fly, can she?

Masami: No, Aiko cannot fly. Also, she does very little to walk around. She will be in one place, then within a split second, be as far as the other side of the room.

Leila: She transports herself; disappears, then reappears, right?

Masami: Yes. One thing that I find very interesting about her is that she cannot interpret digital projections. She struggles understanding what is on television screens, computer screens, cell phones, so she can not see what is happening on these digital devices.

Me: Really?

Masami: Yes. She has told me, “blurry” is all she sees.

Leila: Which means she can’t see you watching porn, baby.

Me: Bitch.

Both girls laugh.

Masami: However, she does have a great sense of hearing and a great sense of smell. She also enjoys listening to other people talk, even if she does not understand the language.

Me: Even if it is not Japanese?

Masami: Yes. She likes watching and listening to people talk, and I have found that the times that I cannot get her to stop talking is when I am alone and silent.

Leila: You told me that she loves the plants on our balcony before.

Masami: Yes, I did, and that is true. Aiko seems to have an appreciation for life itself; whether it be man, plant or animal. She likes that we all have our own balloon flowers, she says they are pretty.

Me: Is there anything I can do that would make her happier being here in our home? Can you explain to her that she is a very welcome guest here?

Masami: I think she understands that she is welcome in our home, and I did tell her that you would think so too when the time came to announce her to you. She understands that you and Leila really do truly look out for me, and I think that is what makes her feel comfortable here. She is also fascinated by how much you and Leila love each other.

But please be patient with her Chazz, she is still really cautious about you. Just like people, there is always a time to learn and understand about those of the opposite sex. She is slowly learning why a man is so different from what she already knows about women.

Me: Umm, by any chance…

Masami: I know what you are going to say, and she never watches when we share our bodies with each other. That seems to be a time that I have never seen her.

If I do see her while you and Leila are going at it, it is rare to see her, but if I do then she is another room with me focused on other things. I tend to believe that she wants to see all of us as pure and clean.

Me: Lay lay, I have never seen you do your eyebrows like that before. Pretty hot, any particular reason for that style?

Leila: Sugar, I am aware of all the porn you watch. Clara Trinity is a hottie, so I don't blame you for watching her. I wanted to have my eyebrows done just like hers.

Me: Yah, she is a hottie!

We all giggled.

My babies felt bad that they did not perform as they usually do in the previous post. They were truly upset, and did not want to do much of anything. As a true team of three that we are, one of us has no effect without the other two.

Leila and Masami wanted to make up for our, "not talk at all and be bums instead" by choosing the final pics of this post.

Leila: Selfie-fest 2022!!

Masami: You crazy, bitch.

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