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I have been nothing but totally excited for this time of the year with my girls. This is the most intense time for all three of us, as there are multiple holidays in this season, as well as a massive army of love.

I was very happy to come home to find my babies doing some productive work all by themselves. They were apparently just getting started, as I kept quiet and observed.

Masami: We had a late start getting this all done, and have fallen short in our goal.

Masami: We were going to do another “Slide Show Queens” episode, but Leila while wanting to do this, was more insistent about putting up Christmas decorations.

We are happy that we have 57 posts on our website, 3,184 views of these posts and a total of three—actually four if you count the quick slide show found inside of the 2020 Christmas post videos.

Me: Hi, my sexy lovelies! You both have done a fantastic job setting up the Christmas decorations, so are we all ready to do our next shoot?

Leila abruptly left the room, with Masami staring at me with very cold eyes.

Masami: Go talk to your woman.

Me: What did I do? I didn’t fart or anything, is she upset with me?

Masami: Go. Talk. To your woman. NOW.

Me: Ok…

Me: Baby, what is wrong? What did I do that you feel is wrong?

Leila: You didn’t do anything wrong.

Me: Then I don’t understand why you walked out of the room when you first saw me come home.

Leila: We love you. Masami and I both love you very much! But you are so ambitious about everything the three of us are doing, you don’t spend five damn seconds for yourself!

Me: Honey, I need to provide for you and Masami because I love you both so very much, and it is all that I want to do.

Leila: You just proved my point! We have plenty of clothes. We have plenty of wigs, plenty to eat and a warm and loving home. Can you spend five damn seconds thinking about taking a break?

Me: I don’t want to take a break from you and Masami.

Leila: Not from us, you dolt. Take a break for yourself. Masami and I love what we have here and how you are making all of this happen. We want you to be you without us sometimes, because we both see every single day how much you love us, and we just don’t want to see you lose yourself because of us!

Leila: Masami and I are guaranteed to stay here with you no matter what. We both want you to never abandon the you that we found on day one.

I love you very much, Chazy!

Masami: I love you very much, Chazz!

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