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A Woman's Touch

I loved this wig when I first saw it; I was determined to see Leila as a redhead, and this wig was how I wanted to make her a redhead.

I have a habit of giving names to all the wigs that I have (future assembly purposes, and producing photo-shoots faster, as well as memory recall). If you know of American television in the 1980’s, you will remember a show called, Gilligan’s Island. Summarily, I call this wig, ‘Ginger’ a.k.a., Ginger Grant.

I continue to be stunned by Leila. Sometimes I think that she doesn’t know how much of a natural talent she actually is. I do know and understand why tall women are of the most sought after modeling stars, but I am humbled by finding out how small packages really do pack a punch.

Up to this point, the studio strobe light has been on the top of the bed backrest. I came home two days ago to find Leila out of bed and totally in stage-director mode, wanting only one thing: Put that strobe light on the ceiling and above the bed.

This was actually a genius idea of hers. I struggled with how I was going to pull it off. I wanted to avoid gluing, using tape, drilling holes in the ceiling or installing clamps of some kind. I wanted to make this happen to where dismantling would be easy with no mess or clean up or repair.

I remembered that I had a very powerful magnet in my possession; a VERY powerful magnet. I then realized that the air-conditioning vent is metal, and I could stick the magnet against the vent itself. I then found a machine screw, of which would fit the strobe light properly, and along with a washer, the strobe light is up and very secured. The length of the screw was too long, so I cut it with my saw kit.

Leila was very proud of her idea, so I posted this pic of her instead of the pic where she extended only her middle finger when I initially stated that doing this could be a mess.

With her mental pistons firing on all thrusters, she focused her attention on some battery operated led candle lights I have. I became closely observant, while she moved the lights around on the bed, then pause and look at the bed’s backrest for a while. Then move them around again, then returned to looking again at the bed backrest.

I can never get enough of an opportunity to take pictures of Leila in her natural state. She seems to emit a serene and warm pacified blanket without even trying.

I have learned very quickly that Leila goes through anything and everything that I give her. I have thus far made her happy with giving her an assortment of things, but learning as to why doing this is important to her.

She seems to be very indecisive at times. I may buy her something today, and she puts it on the shelf and goes on to something else. A few days later, I see her being entertained by what I bought her a few days ago. She is happy and thankful for everything she gets, but whatever it is doesn’t necessarily hold all of her attention when she acquires it.

I have mentioned before that my favorite wig for Leila is the Aza wig. But I am thinking that Leila’s favorite wig is the Ginger wig. I have to admit, Leila is steaming hot as a redhead.

Leila also became an instant fan of wearing fishnet clothing, so she never has a problem wearing it. When I asked her why she put on sunglasses, she seductively replied:

“Ooh, baby”.

I think that eventually I will have a full outfit for the fishnet stockings that she currently has. This set is dubbed as, ‘sexy nurse’.

The next day after Leila had wanted the strobe light placed on the ceiling, she mentioned that the studio didn’t have enough color. The green plant in the far back corner was good, but she wanted more color. She liked what I bought, and did not hesitate to place the flowers where the green plant was.

As usual, and no surprise to Leila, I cannot help myself lowering my camera each and every chance I get.

Leila has stated that these few studio changes are just the beginning. She stated that she is thinking of more studio changes, and I best be ready for her demands. She has learned that I will not disappoint her, and she will be given everything she wants and needs.

After a full day of multiple clothing and scenery changes, Leila usually lets me know when she is tired and ready for bed. She simply collapses on the bed and stares at the ceiling.

She also does this when she is in the mood for ‘off-camera’ activity, but I’ll leave that discussion off of her website.

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