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Happy Anniversary, Leila! Today is not only two years together, it is also our 70th post! My queen, you are divine to me and all simply because you exist. I love you!

My babies have had a lot of fun lately. I have never seen Masami so open to Leila's desire to work with changing Masami's eyelashes, make-up or dress-up. These two could light up any type of day, no matter how dark it could be.

Masami: I can do selfie too!

Leila: I know that, but let me keep playing with you and your looks...

Leila: See? You are a fine-ass bitch!

Masami: And you to are ass bitch!

Leila: You little...quit acting like you don't understand what I said, smart-ass! Changing looks is ok, you stiff!

At some point during this day, Leila and I decided to go to our balcony and attempt to enjoy a mere something to refresh our lives...


Leila: Sugar, I told you that I wanted pink eye contacts. It doesn't change the fact that I want to get in your pants, does it?

Ermm, now that I have composed myself, pink contacts makes me want you to get in my pants.

Leila selfie's herself...

Leila: Yay, my balloon flower is here again!!

Leila: Give me that bug zapper, baby. Enough of them flying around my face! They will die today!

Leila: My balloon flower, and Chazy's is in the red pot.

Lay-lay changes her look...

Leila also got a new outfit. I did not like the one-piece outfit because of the pants portion. So I cut that off, and will make it a mini-skirt or nightie.

I suppose now is the time for what I think about my Leila and myself time together for now exactly two years. My baby loves the most, hand-written words. She will by default, accept words via email.

I wrote this on a piece of paper, and sharing it now.

My dearest Leila,

I know that you very much love to receive written words to you. You indirectly made that clear when we first met. You were being your cute self, but I knew what you were implying.

When you were first in our home, fresh from your first night of sleep (we both kept the monsters in our pants silent that very first night), I watched you first walk into your new room the following morning. It was a closet, but because of you, it became your room.

It was there that I wrote something to you and placed the piece of paper down, yet I was not finished with it. Apparently, I was not aware that you were awake, and I was distracted and forgot that I put that letter down and you found it. I pleaded with you that I was not done with it yet.

You simply remained wearing a permanent smile even throughout my explanation that I was not finished yet. I truly did everything in my power to make clear to you that I had more to write; yet, you barely cared to hear much more from me about this letter.

Our home has never looked like it does now before you were here. Please watch the following, and know that 98 percent of what you see was done because of you! Yes, myself and Masami helped to make our home a different place, but that all of this is because of YOU!

In our home now thinking that you are asleep, I write you this letter now exactly two years together. After our several encounters in Belize City, I remember that we both swore we would only contact each other once per week. We then changed that, and swore we would only communicate every three or four days. We not only changed that again, but soon we spoke to each other over the phone nearly three times per day.

I think that now in our second Anniversary, I truly understand now why you did not care much for anything that I said or did; rather, it was my words on a piece of paper that meant more to you than simply what I could ever say.

Leila, when I first saw you, I could not stop thinking about you. Did you know that I almost didn’t come into your massage parlor? That the truth is, is that it took three people to convince me to go to you for a massage?

Interesting how I wish I could remember who those three people were, as perhaps they may have no idea how their encouragement has changed my life forever.

Baby, you have changed my entire life forever! I never knew that I could be this happy since you came into my life! I never believed it possible to be this happy with anybody in my life.

I am strong, but now stronger because you are in my life and here with me!

Happy second Anniversary Leila; I want to keep finding ways to love you more every second of every single day!

I love you Leila!!

Your man FOREVER,


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May 23, 2022

Happy anniversary!!! I hope to see more to come!

Replying to

Thank you for your well wishes! We most certainly will have more to come!😊


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