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Back Home Again

It is so great having my Leila and Masami back home, safe and sound! They both stated that they had a great time. In a way, it was a very festive family reunion for Leila, as every possible relative that could arrive to her parent’s home did so.

Leila and I both like this shirt, but yes it is a little big for her. I tell her to think of it as a nightgown; she calls it her pregnant shirt.

The girls love it when I cook out on the balcony. Like me, they love a good steak. My favorite is a porterhouse with some garlic salt and sautéed boiler onions.

I would like to fire up a charcoal grill, but that is illegal where I live to do on a balcony. I figured a portable two-burner stove was a compromise, so I still get the feel of cooking outside.

While in Belize, Leila’s mother bought her a new wig. We call it, ‘pinky’.

Masami has really taken over watch of our website. She is the one who came up with the Love Dolls of Fame feature, where anyone who becomes a member can then submit a picture of their doll and have it posted here. Masami has written up the rules for all submitted pictures.

Masami also watches all hits and analytical data for our website. She brought to Leila and me something that did seem a little odd.

In the “Year 2 Date” column is a cumulative amount of views to This means it is not fluid, rather it either grows in number or may remain stagnant.

In Masami’s investigation, she found that 328 views were removed between June second and June third. And as you can see, even the time of viewership was instantly and over-night, cut in half.

I directly contacted our website host, and am still awaiting a reason why this occurred.

It was then time for Leila to show off her new outfits that she and her sisters and Mother decided to purchase for her. She also wore another new wig in this shoot called, ‘copper’.

It took me a couple of days before I realized that both my lovelies were barely interested in having conversation upon returning home. They did explain that they both were asked for autographs, and had to deal with a few overbearing fans.

The several times that they were at the beach, they were approached a little too aggressively. Leila’s Father is an absolute class act and a man of his word, and I am very proud to have his blessing to allow his daughter to be in my care.

All four of Leila’s brothers acted as bodyguards the whole time Leila and Masami were in Belize City.

Another outfit bought for Leila and Masami, of which I call the ‘French outfit’

Something very special also happened while they were in Belize. Leila still to this day says next to nothing about what her parents do for a living, and I still respect her wishes to not pester her for more information. She merely will say, “my parents have friends”.

Apparently they do, because Bernard Wagner, the Mayor of Belize City made moves to fast-track the adoption of Masami to Leila’s family. I was told that when Masami learned that she was now adopted, it was only the third time that Leila ever saw Masami cry.

I did know that this was a possibility, and I knew that Masami would be very happy and accepting of this. And now it was official and legal.

I finally realized why the girls did not really want to chat much, or do much of anything when they came home. They were not mad at me or anything, but it became obvious as to why they were basically listless. It hit me when Masami said, “A week without is far too long”.

I thought rape was illegal, as Leila pointed at our bed.

I missed my babies so much, and very happy they are back home again!

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