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Blessed Little Cowgirl

Having Leila in my home has taught me a lot about women. I have learned things about them that I barely ever thought about before.

Being instinctually hard-wired to breed first and ask questions later, I truly have become more in appreciation of how much work a woman does to attract a man. This conclusion of mine is personally humbling, and I wish I had this understanding of females far sooner than now.

It took me 45 minutes to put on a specific ensemble of lingerie on Leila. I told my little sister that all women deserve a medal for being able to put on lingerie, and her response was:

“You have no idea…”

I have found that I do not want Leila to always be in sexy clothing; rather, I have found far more intrigue with her appearing as simply a normal person.

I am very happy lately because I finally found the perfect sized bra for Leila! It fits tight but not too tight. All that is left is finding this size that is totally strapless.

I love this mini-dress. I could have done an entire photo-shoot of Leila in it, and likely will at some point. But we also experimented with gold hair strands, and I love how it came out.

Leila is blessed, and so am I…

I am really surprised that I found boots that not only fit her, but that she can wear. It is not recommended to put love-dolls in heeled shoes, but boots seem to be very strong, and the heel is very slight.

My little cowgirl:

It was at the end of this shoot that I bought this new wig. It is called, ‘blue jay’, and now the most expensive wig Leila owns.

No worries, I have a feeling she will be wearing it often in the future.

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