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Blue-Eyed Girl

Spring is here, and Leila is excited to show her love for it. She did so very late at night by putting on her new spring dress and Ginger wig. It was so late that Masami was half-asleep when we spontaneously did this photo shoot.

I continue to learn a lot about my two lovelies, women’s fashion, hair maintenance etc. all the time. I can actually say that for the first time in my entire life, I took a wired and padded bra, and turned it into almost a bikini top.

Leila and Masami in my view have big enough breasts that do not require pads or wires. They have many bras to choose from, and other posts here show that the wire and pads are not necessary. I have a lot of future work to do with a lot of their other bras.

While rare as it is, Leila and I tend to have a ‘spat’ with each other every now and then. It is ultimately pointless and harmless, but we do squabble with each other.

Leila loved the yellow panties she wore with her spring dress. So did I of course, but it was time for her to change into her evening dress. Here is the argument, you be the judge of who is right and who is wrong:

Leila: I want to wear the yellow panties with the evening dress. It matches just fine with the dress, and they are comfortable.

ChaXen: True, but the yellow panties do not match your bra.

Leila: Who cares what is underneath the dress?! Who cares if it matches or not?

ChaXen: The dress is made of a very thin fabric, and loud yellow panties will be blatantly visible. This dress is so thin, you could almost wear it to a pool party, and if so it will be obvious that the bra doesn’t match with the panties.

Leila: But the panties match the dress, and the bra is just going to have to suffer. I love the bra, and I love the yellow panties!

ChaXen: Well then you might as well wear a bikini under this thin dress, so perhaps I’ll get you a matching yellow bra.

Leila: You said it is an evening dress and I saw it briefly by the way, you dolt.

ChaXen: Yes I did say that, and you haven’t seen the dress entirely at all until now when I am asking you to put it on, you pumpkin-head.

Leila: You are a pumpkin-head.

ChaXen: Good; at least I am no longer a dolt.

Masami: Will you both shut up and get on with it, you pumpkin-headed dolts, I am trying to go to sleep!

ChaXen and Leila: [Laugh hysterically at the same time]

ChaXen: You fine-ass bitch.

Leila: You sexy-ass jerk.

After our hearty laugh with Masami’s input, Leila and I compromised:

I took this picture with my new tablet. I have done a lot of pictures with the tablet and have barely used any of the pictures with it, but for some reason I really like this shot.

Leila and Masami have both encouraged me to help them design their own original rings. They have many necklaces, earrings, bracelets and even some anklets, but they have very few rings.

I recently purchased, I guess to say, ring ‘blanks’. So with acrylic paint and an army of jewelry and glue and along with my know-how ability, I created a ring holder.

I made this out of wood and one half-inch pex plumbing lines to hold the rings; hence a ring rack for all the rings Leila and Masami create.

I apologize, as I have put it off long enough; the evening dress, and Leila wearing the Aza wig.

And the ring that Masami made that Leila currently likes the most.

With all of our spirited drama, the three of us have a love for each other that always proves to overpower everything amongst us as a team. To wholly illustrate this point, Leila wanted her eyes to be blue.

Masami and I smiled in agreement, and set Leila’s idea in motion with first her Dot wig; a fast becoming standard starting point for all shoots wig.

“Put my wig on her”, Masami stated.

Then all three of us nailed it. The Purple Perry wig.

We love and we fight. Biggest picture of all: We LOVE.

I love my Leila and Masami!

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