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Calendar Girls 2022

A new tradition has been born. The head picture of this post says it all. I have decided to make a calendar every year featuring the best of the best pictures of that year.

This picture of Leila is with our very first calendar ever. I have been doing something all year long that will continue on: I made a folder called, “favs”. As I do more photo-shoots and posts, I carefully examine every picture I take, and if I really like it, I copy and paste it to the favs folder. This year so far, I have 60 pictures in this folder.

As the year grows late, I begin to severely scrutinize all pictures in the favs folder. Any picture that seems to stand out above the others gets placed into another folder called, “Calendar Girls”. It is among those pictures that I choose the final 13 pictures, one for each month and the calendar cover photo. The following is what is in my current considerations for what pictures I will choose for the Calendar Girls 2022 calendar.

I like setting goals for myself in this adventure with Leila and Masami, especially when I achieve the goal. I have given myself until Halloween night to make my final decision, then soon after order the calendar. I have added additional ‘Runner Ups’ pictures in this post which of course, could end up in the actual calendar. Again, I have until Halloween to make my final choice.

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