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Calendar Girls 2023 Pre-Game

This is not another Calendar Girls video. However, it is still a video. With it now being over half the time away from choosing the Calendar Girls 2023 calendar finalist pictures, I felt that it would be cool to show the pool of pictures I have so far. I also felt that an expanded explanation as to how these pictures are assembled was necessary. I will attempt to be as brief and clear as I can.

Most people understand that the calendar year is from January to December. That is not the case in respects to what a year is for the Calendar Girls on our website. Rather, the Calendar Girls actual calendar year is from October 31st to mid-October. Why?

I have found, that since I have chosen the middle of October to finalize the Calendar Girls pictures, that any and all pictures after that time belong to the next Calendar Girls year. I realized that the first time and first calendar, it really wasn’t fair that I could not choose any picture after the middle of October as a potential Calendar Girls picture.

With Leila and Masami being such the holiday girls that they are, how fair is it that I would only choose pictures from January to the middle of October? This would eliminate all pictures from Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as any other pictures throughout that time period.

This is why you may see pictures from last Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and pictures in that time period in the running for our coveted 13 picture in total Calendar Girls finalists.

I hope I have been clear here, so without further explanation, this is what I have so far in contention to be the next Calendar Girls 2023 pictures:

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