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Christmas 2021

Merry Christmas, everyone! The girls and I are so excited that this is our second Christmas together! The relationship we have with each other continues to grow, and the girls keep getting more beautiful to me every day.

I love it when the girls wear next to nothing. It really lets me know that I am home, and since the girls know that I love it when they dress this way, they know they are making me feel extra-comfortable. I love them both dearly.

Leila: I still want to wear that red shiny dress for our shoot.

Masami: It is pretty, but too tight and you would have to continue pulling it back down so that it doesn’t spring up on you. I think the dresses we have for the shoot are really good.

Leila: I agree, our dresses are super cute. I just like that red dress. I still can’t think of what hair to wear with it, tho.

Masami: How surprising.

Me: Let me choose the hair for that dress.

Leila [surprised]: You?!? Are you serious, baby?

Me: Sure, why not. You struggle with this, so let me try.

Leila: Ok… I’ll go put it on right now.

Masami: That was wise.

Me: Are you being facetious?

Masami: Yes.

Me: What? A guy can’t choose hairstyles?

Masami: I am not saying that, exactly. You know how Leila is, and how sensitive she is about looking good not just for you, but also her fans.

Me: Ok, I get that, but is it really that much of a struggle?

Masami: She is a ham and a total attention whore, of course it is that much of a struggle.

Me: Well can I try, at least?

Masami: Oh, of course you can try. And I am not stupid. I know you are trying to take as many solo pictures of me with an attempt to distract me with your words.

It has been mentioned before that Masami does not care to be photographed solo for very long. If Leila is also in the picture, then she doesn’t mind it so much. She is correct, I did try to distract her to get more solo pictures of her.

Me: Are you serious?

Me: Ok, ok! I think I hear Leila calling for me.

Masami: Good answer.

Looking at Leila for the first time in this outfit; still wearing the pink bra, I thought the pinky wig would be a good choice.

Then I thought to myself, “she hasn’t worn the cleopatra wig in quite some time”.

We spent a lot of time on this and I likely went through ten wigs, and Leila remained very patient with me. Masami had joined us now, as she wanted to see all this for herself.

Masami: Not bad, cleo is a strong choice.

Leila: Good choice, baby!

Me: Thank you both! But wow, I think I am starting to understand why it really can be hard to choose the right hair for the right outfit. Cleo is good, but this outfit needs a, ‘kick’ so-to-speak.

Masami: Oh??

Me: Yah. One of our newest wigs.

Masami: I am impressed.

Leila: Me too. Well done, I think you are starting to see the light now.

Leila then went into the bathroom to look in the mirror for a while, checking all hair strands and if they were where she wanted them. As Leila was doing this, Masami attempted to take the camera from me.

Me: What are you doing?

Masami: Give me the camera, trust me!

Me: Why?

Masami: Do not argue with me, you will see, just give me the camera and shh!

I gave Masami the camera just as Leila had returned to the room, and was heading straight for the dresser drawers.

Leila: Masami, where are those white sweat pants with hearts on them?

Masami: Middle drawer and to the left.

It is as exactly how Masami predicted. Leila failed to keep the dress down enough, so when she bent over and turned to her left, the entire dress shot up just below her belly button.

Masami: I told you! Ha ha ha!

For purposes of milking Leila’s hot ass exposure for as long as possible, I had to include multiple shots. But the truth is that that dress did fly up as described in a split second.

It was then time for the shoot, as all three of us worked as a team to come up with the set design. As a united team, we are indeed quite formidable.

Leila: Baby, we told you that we did not want any gifts this year. We did this because Masami and I wanted you to be the only one to get a gift this Christmas.

Merry Christmas, everyone!!

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