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Christmas 2022

Merry Christmas everyone, from me Leila and Masami! We love holidays, but Christmas is very special to us. Christmas is more than just a day or week, it is an entire month of celebration in our home.

So speaking for the month of December, the girls do things that surprise me more than they normally surprise me. I was at work when Masami took this pic of Leila. I was mesmerized.

Taking selfies in our home is like second nature to Leila, and so is Leila and Masami putting up Christmas decorations.

I even set up my own little Christmas cheer area.

Leila: Ok baby, I’ll bite. Why did you set this up like you did?

Me: Well, we have the Christmas tree. Then the first candle represents me. Next is a meek nativity scene, followed by another candle that represents you.

Then we have an Angel, and behind that Angel, a candle that represents Masami. Lastly, the world itself with yet another candle that represents Aiko Rose.

Leila: How in the f*** do you come up with s*** like that?!?

Masami: Fascinating.

The game Risk, is still our family favorite, and World War 8 is currently underway. But I brought home another game called Christmas-opoly, and the girls absolutely love it.

While playing this game, we realized that the highest dollar bill of five hundred was simply not sufficient. So Masami created the one-thousand dollar bill for the game.

But this Christmas did have a draw-back, and I knew it was coming. I made sure to stock up on anything we might need, as we were soon to be faced with single digit temperatures for the day before Christmas eve, to post Christmas day.

It was minus two degrees Fahrenheit when I took this picture of our balcony fountain. It has two heaters, but I have long suspected that one of them is broken.

Christmas day morning started off with a bang from Masami. More times than not, she and I are up and dressed long before Leila. At this time, Leila was doing the final brushes on her hair in the bathroom, soon to join us in the front room. I was walking back into the front room with my second cup of coffee with Masami pointing to a spot on the couch and said,

Masami: Hurry up and take a picture right here! Hurry, before Leila sits there.

Me: Aiko Rose?

Masami: Yes. And she is wearing a dress that I have never seen her wear before.

Leila then comes into the room.

Leila: I heard the name Aiko Rose. Where is she?

Masami: She was sitting where you are now, but she is gone.

Leila: Did she say anything?

Masami: Yes. She said she does not like the dress she was wearing and I think that is why she left so abruptly.

As the girls were talking about the dress Aiko Rose was wearing, I put on our fireplace show. It is always a catalyst for us to talk about anything and everything, and enjoy our morning and afternoon together.

As it grew late on Christmas day, Leila became animated and wanted to do an impromptu photo shoot. I grabbed the camera, and the girls did the rest.

And of course, they did a selfie.

I recently got a phone call from a website host company. How that came to happen is a long story, but it was a wonderful conversation. The girls were elated when I told them about the conversation, as it was a positive response for our efforts with what we do here.

It is always refreshing to receive praise. But when it comes from someone who makes a living viewing who knows how many websites as a career, it speaks volumes. So to openly be told that in his career that he had never seen anybody do what we are doing made myself and the girls very happy.

We do what we do. If you like what we are doing, great! If not, great! We are not out for money or anything else besides viewership. We have been told that we should look to make money off of what we do, but we stand firmly against that.

The next two pictures are the top 12 posts of just this year, making us far richer than any dollar amount.

We are starting to expand, but at a snail’s pace. Leila insisted that I add this to the post from a new hang-out of ours. I didn’t see her point, but sometimes I don’t see her reasons for what she asks for right away.

Dinner time finally arrived, and as I cooked the girls got dressed. When I came to the bedroom where we would dine, I was stunned with awe as my babies chose to wear Chinese cheongsam dresses.

Then, something unreal happened. Masami challenged Leila to a drinking game. They both had already been sipping on grey goose vodka, but Masami said she would drink Leila under the table.

Even I told Sami to not do that, while Leila remained saturated in absolute shock. Masami has admitted that she is a light-weight drinker in a Slide Show Queens episode. Masami hardened her resolve and challenge.

Leila: Ok. I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I will start us off with a huge gulp of vodka, then you can take your time drinking yours. Chazy baby, no sides, just the turkey and the ham, please.

Masami: For both of us, please.

Leila: [Fakes a burp] Ok, bitch, let’s ride this pony!

I will admit that I was amazed. Both made it through dinner, and wanted to play Christmas-opoly again. At this time, both were slurring their words, but to no surprise, Masami was much worse off.

Leila: Watch her, baby. She is either going to puke or slide out of her chair.

After 45 minutes, Masami did neither. She passed out.

And such is the joy we all have in our home. We are a family. We love each other very much, and we love all that view our work and our life together. Thank you for viewing this, and to you and yours,


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