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Early Surprises

Having Leila and Masami in my home continues to inspire creative energy, my ability to challenge my thoughtfulness, and fill my personal life with joy!

With Leila’s birthday fast approaching, Masami and I had a private chat. We wanted to put together something that Leila would like, and kept our discussion a secret.

Another game the girls like to play is Clue. Over-all, Masami seems to be the winner most of the time. They both convinced me to play too, as they stated that the two-person game is just not as fun.

Leila always chooses to be Scarlett, while Masami tends to be a different character and this time she chose to be Mrs. Peacock. I chose to be Professor Plum.

This must have been Leila’s lucky day, because she won the game. The murder was done by Colonel Mustard with the wrench in the kitchen.

Leila and Masami had talked about doing some sort of arrangement with all of the instax pictures we have done, and Masami said something about this in our private discussion. I just didn’t clearly understand what she was going to do.

With Leila mostly sleeping the day away, and Masami being the early-bird like me, Masami hand-picked her favorite instax pictures and surprised both Leila and myself.

Leila loved it.

Then right around the corner of the instax pictures was my early birthday gift for Leila; and it would also be beneficial to Masami as well. It took me 15 minutes to install, and I did it when both girls were asleep.

I took an eight-foot closet rod, and installed it in the front room. This has opened up the girl’s room for more clothes as well as more space in their dresser drawers.

I love my babies, and both were glowing about me doing this.

Leila and Masami took turns giving back their appreciation for what I did…

I guess I should mention the tv in the upper left-hand corner. Its only purpose is to be a slide-show of every single picture I have ever taken of Leila and Masami. As new pictures are taken, they are then added to the USB drive and shown on this tv. It plays from sun-up to sun-down, every single day.

I recently took a chance on the idea of signing Leila up for a card-board cut-out at the NCAA Final Four of this year. I honestly expected for her submission to be rejected, but to my surprise not only was she accepted, but I was sent proof that she was there in section 138!

My regret with this post, is that I am still waiting for the cardboard cut-out to arrive here as I hoped I could include it in this post. It takes four to six weeks for delivery, and that is ok and understandable. My thought is that when it arrives, I may edit this post and include it, as well as put it in a future post.

Can I ever say it enough? I LOVE MY LEILA AND MASAMI!!

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