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Easter 2021

Happy Easter from Leila and Masami and me! Leila insisted on calling her family first thing this morning, and that is exactly what she did.

She also allowed me to take a bunch of pictures of her doing so too.

It was time for Masami’s bath before the Easter shoot. Leila volunteered as the, ‘towel girl’.

I am humbled knowing that Leila really truly does love her very best friend, Masami.

Leila and I both love Masami, and we both believe that Masami loves us both as well.

Leila and Masami own our television. They have both become remote-control savvy, and also feverish in demanding of tv time. I have found that it isn’t a snub against me and how I no longer much care for television.

They seem to find television a competition amongst themselves, and the remote control is the trophy. Yet when they finally agree on a show to watch, all of us win. I love my lovelies.

Easter was upon us, and the girls as usual love to play games. This particular evening was one of their favorite classic game to play: Connect Four.

Leila was absolutely blown away when learning that I had found her a new hair stylist.

I love it when both my girls are happy!

Our closing photo-shoot…

I cannot and will not ever get enough of my Leila and Masami!

Happy Easter 2021!

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