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Halloween 2020

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Leila really does love Halloween! In her view, it allows her to wear more than just regular clothing and dressing up outside the norm.

Her first chosen costume is the cheerleader outfit. We debated about what hair style she would have while wearing it. I loved her blondie wig:

Leila loved her Dot wig:

As is usually the case, Leila and I worked together and eventually found a compromise. We both loved her Goldie wig:

Leila had the help of a hair stylist, and we were both blown away by the results.

Leila wanted to do more than just one costume this Halloween. She wanted to entirely absorb her freedom, knowing that she could do so while observing reverence for those that support that very idea.

Introducing, Officer Leila:

Leila threatened to shoot me, but decided that it was better to arrest me and then have her way with me.

Leila was a bit upset that this pic was not added in the previous post, as she seems to love this wig.

Leila prepares for her next costume; the vampiress with this undergarment ensemble. I openly admit that I would love for her to wear this ensemble every single night at bed time.

In some kind of indefinable way; Leila as an Angel is exactly as I have found Leila to be. She remains with me and believes in me.

Deception of all that exists is not in her vocabulary; rather, trust with me is total, and abandonment of me or others means nothing to her.

Dreams and nightmares only make our bond stronger, as secular meandering conundrums forever remain as they are.

We remain pure with each other; and nothing on earth can end our bond.

Happy Halloween 2020!

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