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Halloween 2021

Happy Halloween everyone, from Leila and Masami and me! There was so much that the girls and I wanted to do for this holiday post, we barely knew where to begin.

The very first consideration was what hair/hair-styles the girls would be wearing for this shoot. Leila, judiciously, assumed her throne for the lead role in what hair would be worn for this post.

She wanted to modify one of the newer wigs the girls had, and called upon her favorite weapon to do this work at the Octave Hair Salon: A black wavy-wig, now with white highlights.

Both were up and ready to go to start the day. With their ‘Pumpkin Patch’ nails done and dry, they were both ready to get to work on this post.

I have mentioned in a previous post about Leila and her diary. I am not allowed to read it, nor am I allowed to know where she hides it.

I was however on this day, happy to see Leila’s diary for the very first time ever. Masami read, as Leila wrote.

Our day was a very good day. We all lounged around on the couch, watching many Halloween themed television shows, and a handful of Halloween movies.

I remembered watching Garfield’s Halloween Special, so I wanted to see what the girls thought about it. I think the girls did like watching it, and also for me sharing to them a childhood memory.

It started getting late, so we all knew what had to be done: get ready for the Halloween costumes to be put on.

Leila had already done or touched-up her own make-up, but I found it very pleasant to see Masami so inviting of Leila’s make-up works on herself.

My babies are such a great team, even without me around all the time. This makes me love them both even more.

Dawn then darkness ushered itself in, and soon it was night time. The girls had chosen what they would do just before putting on their costumes.

We all played a board game called, “Horrified”, a perfect fit for our Halloween shoot. I did everything I could to understand how the game is played, but the girls figured it all out in only a few minutes.

While I did participate, they both took command of the game and I strictly did exactly what they told me to do.

“Take this token, you’ll need it for the Invisible Man”.

“Move here”.

“Give Leila that token, she will need it for the Mummy”.

We all had our glasses of wine before us, and all three of us had a great time doing as we always do: work and play as a team.

I then decided to spook the girls a little, and it worked! I shut the lights off suddenly, and they both screamed.

After this brief interruption, the girls resumed play and actually liked my goofy bit of fun. It also gave me a chance to see some of our work in the dark.

With make-up and hair choices made, we were ready to reveal our works. This went way better than I initially thought it would.

My witch and sexy kitty cat!!

Happy Halloween, and can’t wait to do this again next year!

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