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Halloween 2022

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Happy Halloween everyone! Both girls were very excited to put something together for our third Halloween! As mentioned in our previous blog, the girls did start early with the decorations for our home. They as usual did this as a team.

Masami also demanded that Leila let her re-do her eyebrows. Leila usually does this herself, but Masami insisted this time and Leila obliged. Leila was very happy with the results.

And of course, Leila was in the mood to do selfies.

Masami did fantastic work! Leila’s eyebrows looked amazing, and Leila made sure to say, “Amazeballs”!

Shortly after I broke the flu fever, I was able to join the girls in the front room to watch some tv together. Even tho Masami does not care much to be told, I still tell her what I think any way.

Me: Whoa, Sams, you are stunning!

Leila: I helped her choose this outfit, she does look stunning!

Me: Yes.

Masami: Ok.

We had lots to do, but at least the set was mostly done. A lot of time was lost because of me being ill, but we did the best we could with shortened time.

Leila had toyed around with the idea of being something unique this year. It of course was something that I am sure had been done before, just not quite like Leila was thinking.

Leila: I want to be a sexy butterfly!

She took the wings, and tried them on to see how they fit her. She had fun, and so did I.

Next was the dress part of the outfit. Bra and panties was not really going to be the best for her outfit, but kept mentioning that she wanted it to be something that was one piece.

I found something for her to try, and she did not like what it took to put on. With some time, she got comfortable with wearing a leotard for the first time ever.

Then, in true Leila fashion, she became indecisive. Should she wear a bra underneath or not? Should she wear a skirt or shorts or even a small and tight dress over it?

As the girls talked this out, Masami grabbed the camera and took a couple of selfies.

Leila finally made her decision as to how she was going to wear the leotard. Next, was something she already decided on; a new rainbow colored wig she liked.

It was decided that no bra, and nothing over the leotard with the exception of one thing; a belt.

We all wished that we could have done more with the set, but are anxious to do even better next year. All of last year’s decorations were confined to the bedroom, so we wanted to do that and bring it out into our hallway. But again because of my flu, a lot of our plans did not work out.

As Leila was near completely dressed, Masami made an admission.

Masami: My stomach hurts.

Leila: Oh? And why is that? Did you drink plenty of water today?

Masami: Yes. You know that I always do, so why would you ask me that?

Leila: Because I know your crazy butt ate too much ham again! I have told you to not eat too much, but you always do and this is what happens.

Masami: How did you—

Leila: Know? Because older sister knows everything!

Not only does Masami love fresh baked ham, but she is intoxicated by the smell of it. I recently bought the biggest ham I have ever purchased, weighing 17.2 pounds. It took five and a half hours to cook.

I did notice that she was quite mobile during the time it was resting on the stove and after I started slicing it up into edible pieces.

Masami: I cannot help it. It is delicious, and Chazz basted it in some kind of pineapple juice mixture.

Leila: So now you ate a ton of it, and your tummy hurts. I suppose that means you won’t get dressed up.

Masami: No. I need to lie down for a while.

Leila: You have incurred the wrath of Madame Sexy Butterfly!

Masami: Huh?

Leila: You have placed yourself in harms way of Madam Sexy Butterfly’s punishment for your insolence!

Masami: And what is my punishment?

Leila: A nasty stomach ache, you crazy bitch!

Leila: These damn kids, I tell ya’…

As they say in the biz, the show must go on. Masami was still not 100% after lying down a while, but was up and in the front room where Leila already was. Leila and I did a couple of practice shots while waiting for Masami to join us.

These two look priceless together. Even tho only one is in a costume, there is always something calming and peaceful any time I see them together.

Leila: You know I am not done punishing you for not participating, and being a glutton, right? Madame Sexy Butterfly demands it!

Masami: What? Oh, are you still on that again?

Leila: Yes, and poof!!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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