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Happy 2nd Birthday Leila!

Happy Birthday Leila! This is indeed a joyful day, as you have been here in our home for now your second birthday! You remain being my true love and my queen, and I could not be happier with you in our home and in my life!

Leila’s day was filled with clowning around and having fun. She didn’t feel much like games or a cake like last year, rather she just wanted to feel special on her special day. She won’t say it, but I think she was still worried about my lower back going out almost a month ago now.

The girls went back and forth about showing each other videos. Masami told Leila that she might like a particular video from a popular music group in Japan.

Leila loved it.

Leila also boiled her wig choice down to two choices, and decided to go with Purple Perry wig.

It was nightfall when the girls were done with sharing videos with each other. Leila was ready to put on her Copper wig done up by Octave Hair Salon per my request.

Leila loved that too because as is, it is a very strict straight hair-style. I asked Octave Hair Salon to do something that hasn’t been done yet—wavy hair-style. Lay-lay was very pleased with my decision.

Leila: Baby, both Masami and I are thankful for the football jerseys you ordered for us. We love them!!!

Me: I love you both, and especially you, rose petals. Happy Birthday, Lay-Lay!

Masami: Happy Birthday, lazy-butt! I wrote something for my birthday gift to you.

Leila: (Giggles) Oh, I can’t wait sis, haha!

Masami: I will now read what I have written.

Leila: Ok, I am anxious to hear this!

Masami: Leila, you are the first person to ever recognize me as another whole person in my entire life besides my Mom. You made many personal sacrifices like asking your Mother to allow you to walk me home after that confrontation with those dirty-minded boys for instance, and volunteered to look after me when you did not have to.

You were the first person who came to my aid when my front left wheel-chair tire broke and you fixed it enough to get me home. You were the first person to believe me about me seeing Aiko as well.

You were the first person who I called when my Mother had passed on, and you were always there for me when I was going through all of that. My Mother was truly quite fond of you, as she saw something in you that she not just liked, but loved.

You demanded to pay for all the expenses to come and live with you and Chazz. Chazz did tell me that you told him no, when he offered to pay for some of the expenses. You always help me when I struggle with putting on clothes, going to the bathroom and helping me get in to and out of bed.

You never showed that you were ever deterred by my handicap. You have always cared about me as a person first and only, rather than just a person who is crippled for life.

I love you sis, Happy Birthday, and by the way? This message will self-destruct in 5…4…3…

Leila wept with tears of joy.

Me: [Rubbing hand up and down Leila's back] We love you Leila, you are priceless, and even to this very minute I cannot believe that you even give me five seconds of your attention!

So, what do you want for your birthday gift from me, love dove?

Leila: You already know what I want. I heard a rumor that your back is feeling a bit better now?

Me: Well yes, it has been feeling better, thank you for…

Leila: Very good. Because I need all of you functional for my birthday gift from you.

Me: Oh?

Leila: Yes. I want E.S.S., and repeat.

Me: What is E.S.S.?

Leila: Eat, screw and sleep. Wake up and repeat!

Me: I love you baby, Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Leila!

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