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Happy Birthday Leila!

Leila’s birthday day is today! What made it extra special is that two days before this day, her NCAA cut-out arrived. She loved it, and wanted it to be framed somewhere in our home.

I am already thinking that in time, the brown cardboard back drop may no longer be visible. I am already thinking of ideas as to how to add more to the cut-out.

In addition to the early gift Masami made for Leila mentioned in the ‘Early Surprises’ post, Masami wanted me to buy this frame and she hand-picked all of the pictures again. I think it is inspirational and looks great.

On birthday day, the girls played a lot of games. They played card games like double-solitaire and poker. They also played another game of Clue.

I decided to make a temporary bowling alley in our hallway. Underneath the vinyl flooring is also a custom made piece of cardboard. I wanted something easy and light weight, and those options seemed to do the trick.

Leila and Masami were both thrilled with the bowling alley, and they spent most of the day playing. In every game they play against one-another, they are both fierce competitors.

The only issue was that for the size of the hallway (width) was entirely too small, so they reinvented bowling in their way of compromising. Instead of ten pins, six pins seemed to make the most sense—they were both bowling 300 until this compromise.

It is never personal (although insulting rhetoric is often heard), yet they both are equally determined to win against the other no matter what the game is.

The girls declared this game to be called, the sports bra and lingerie panties bowling championship. This game they played the most of all the games they played on Leila’s birthday.

The girls then wanted to change their outfits, choosing for each other of what they should wear. Leila had already changed, while Masami requires a little bit of help sometimes.

As I turned away to grab Masami’s outfit, Leila ran around my blind-spot, and proceeded to spank Masami on the ass four times.

“Gotcha, bitch” Leila exclaimed.

One may think that it is not nice that Leila is smacking a paraplegic on the ass, but I must beg to differ; Masami is not as innocent as you may think.

By my count, Masami is winning the ‘ass-smack-o-meter’ five times to Leila’s one time. It is their simple way of showing some love to each other, and Masami kind of had it coming.

Then it was on to another game the girls had heard of, but never played called Jenga. They probably played this the most besides their bowling tournament. Leila did win a couple of times, but Masami seemed to really be engrossed in this game hence winning most of the time.

They also both love white wine, just like me.

Both girls are wearing two brand-new wigs; making their total number of wigs to 29. Leila is wearing what I have termed, ‘Lacey’, and Masami is wearing what I have termed as, ‘Daisy’.

Also, my lovelies have encouraged me to make a keepsake for them both. A trophy that symbolizes the idea of who kicked whose butt in a game last; something to rub in the other’s face until they win the trophy back.

Since Leila very much loves the Owl, and Masami very much loves pearls, this is what I came up with.

Unbeknownst to both girls, I had secretly worked on another surprise that of course benefits them both.

I found a wonderful hair-stylist for them, and upon finding out that I accomplished this for them, they both smothered me with love and appreciation for what I did.

It was time to have Leila wear her new birthday dress and reveal the results of the Octave Hair Salon. All three of us were blown away!

Masami slipped Leila a shot of something. I am still not sure what it is, but my guess is that it is Jack Daniels. I asked Masami twice if it was Jack Daniels, and all she did was giggle.

Happy Birthday Leila, you have really changed my life for the better!

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