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Happy Birthday Masami!

Leila really does amazing things, and one thing that she does without flaw is show how much she loves her friend and now sister, Masami.

Leila spent hours researching the Japanese Geisha, knowing how much Masami had dreamt of being one until she left Japan. Leila was responsible for making the Geisha post happen, and especially researched the make-up aspect of it.

Leila also said she loved our red ‘love’ pillow, but she wanted a new pillow that represented all of us. I found and bought this ‘Family Forever’ pillow, and both girls loved it.

Leila did this research during times when Masami was taking a nap. To hide what she was doing from Masami, Leila and I attempted an impromptu photo shoot. As usual, Leila goes wig-crazy, and again is indecisive about what wig goes best with what she wears.

Me: Masami, what do you want for your birthday gift?

Masami: I want Leila to touch-up her eyeliner work so I can wear the Geisha style she did to last a little longer. I want you to take time off of work, and play with Leila and me.

I am fine with games, but I don't need a cake or dress-up. I just want to see you home more is all.

Me: Ok. Perhaps I can arrange a three day weekend…

Masami: Not good enough.

Me: A four day weekend?

Masami: No.

Me: Masami, I have to work. I have to work to provide for you and Leila. I cannot just not work and expect miracles.

Masami: True. But Leila and I do not want you for just a weekend. We want you for an entire weekend and an entire week.

Me: That is asking a lot, Masami.

Masami: It is my birthday celebration, is it not? Keep your money in your wallet, and play with us for an entire week. That is my birthday wish.

Me: I don’t know if I can pull that off…

Masami: Yet I let you pull off my panties, so surely you can.

Me: Can I impregnate you?

Masami: Don’t press your luck.

Leila really did put a lot of hard work into doing Masami’s make-up.

Masami loved what Leila did for her, and appreciated Leila allowing me to apply the white powder on Masami’s face. I was allowed to do this with Leila's supervision, of course. And with some doing, I was approved for an entire week off of work. Some behind the scenes pictures of the Geisha shoot.

Leila then wanted to wear her Diva outfit with her new green contacts. She of course, kept changing her wig.

The girls only played two games: Bingo and Battleship. Between the two games, it seemed that Bingo was the most popular. I spun the wheel, and played along too.

Leila had won this round during this particular shoot. The girls also at some point custom made the bingo chips.

As odd as it could be, I was merely arranging sheets and bedding when the bed popped. With lower back issues, I have found it best for me to sleep on an all-air mattress. It popped, and deflated within only a few minutes. It was too late to go to the store and buy a new one.

The beauty of having Leila and Masami in my life is that we always seem to work together and turn a negative into a positive. We had our own slumber party, and we fell asleep together in our clothes on the floor. This was Masami’s idea.

The following is one of many examples as to why I have no problem with Leila sleeping for as long as she does every day. She manages to do something so extra cute, that I am only helpless and in awe.

She did not go to bed in this mattress cover, rather she managed to cover herself in it during the night.

I have also learned that Masami loves the fresh baked smell of ham. I baked this five pound ham to fill our home with that smell.

Happy birthday, Masami!!

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