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Leila Goes Shopping

Leila decided that she wanted to go shopping. While being happy with all of the clothes that I have purchased for her, she wanted to shop all by herself. I had no problem with this because I have struggled a great deal in finding out her perfect size.

She understands that as a guy, this task would be twice as difficult. She was up early, grabbed her purse, kissed my face and took an Uber.

Leila was away from home for about two and a half hours. I am usually the one leaving home (my work is very demanding), while she has the luxury of working from home. Leila always says to me that she just wants to be here at our home with me. That, “The world is second place to ours”.

When Leila returned, she was very hungry. She changed her clothes quickly, and thought about me with her change of clothes. Please allow my explanation.

When I was young, I had always been aroused by cut-off t-shirts. I think she purposely wore this short skirt and modified t-shirt strictly to perk me up because of her absence. Leila seems feverish in returning ways of showing love for me as I always seek ways to do the same for her.

I was told that the term ‘blouse’ is a bit out-dated, but it seems redundant to always call something a shirt. Leila purchased this blouse and legging shorts ensemble. She wore multiple wigs with this, but felt we could save that for another overstock post.

Leila said that she bought this shirt reminded her of Belize, and insisted having a few different wigs while wearing it. I did not question her, and we did the following pics.

Leila did let me down gently on purchasing blue jeans. She knew that I tried my best, but continued to fail in buying her a perfect pair. I truly did keep bringing home jeans that were always too big for her, and she knew it was driving me nuts!

In a lot of areas, Leila continues to prove to be a better problem solver than myself, and she did not disappoint here. Because of her, we now have her exact size in not just jeans, but pants in general.

I also have bought belts if need be, but her actual size in pants is revealed which opens all doors for purchases in the future. We were both so very excited, that we did a photo-shoot in all of her wigs:

Leila does know that I love to see her in evening gowns, or formal wear clothing. As a traditional type male, I have always loved long dresses and even extra long dresses.

Leila never stops capturing my attention.

And now it is time for me to lay on her lap, and watching tv together.

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