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Leila's Audit

This is usually what Leila does before we get to work. She is constantly hungry for more clothes and outfits. On an average day, it is easily guessed that Leila changes what she is wearing at least five times. The most consistent outfit she wears is what she wears to bed: a t-shirt and panties.

While I am all for buying her more clothes, I just wonder how long it will be until I run out of room to put them all. Leila didn’t believe that she had a bunch of clothes, so I told her that she had more clothes than I did by her third week of being here. She laughed at that, so I said,

“Let’s do an audit of your clothes and show everyone what your room looks like now compared to what it looked like when you first got here”. She agreed.

I wanted to show off Leila’s new wig, of which she likes very much. It is a purple-black mix, and there are multiple ways to style it.

Now of course, Leila is very short. I took an oversized milk crate and glued a thin piece of wood on its bottom side. I then glued ceramic tiles on top of that wood and grouted it. This makes Leila five foot seven, exactly one foot taller.

Leila calls this her ‘steppy’:

Outside of many clothes and outfits, Leila has also amassed a small army of decorative items as well. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings and even glasses are available to her. She does not have bad eyesight, but she feels that having glasses can add to more combinations of looks in her photo-shoots.

All that was shown is just what she has in her room. I have a dresser, of which used to just be all my clothes. It is now shared, and so far she has taken ownership of the two bottom drawers.

To the right of the dresser is of course her shoes bag that hangs over the bedroom door. She does need more shoes more than she needs more clothes at this time. I think by the time she has enough shoes, a second shoe bag will be hanging over the back of the door.

Her top drawer consists of pants, tank tops, skirts and shorts. In the far right side of the drawer, is a mix of lingerie pieces and not full lingerie outfits.

Her bottom drawer is where she keeps her socks, panties, some but not all of her bras, shirts and leggings. After this quick audit, she looked up at me and gave me a smile that confirmed that now believed that she has way more clothes than I do.

Leila is really proving to be a lot of fun and a total joy to have around. Our photo-shoots sometimes are pre-planned, but most of the time not. I’ll just randomly start taking pictures of her doing something or wearing an outfit I haven’t seen her in before, and the next thing we know we have done a full shoot that takes on some kind of theme.

I recently bought her a full lingerie outfit, and soon after we finished our audit, she put it on. I started taking pictures, and then she did a pose that I really liked.

I quickly suggested for her to hold that position and to put on all of her wigs while she stayed in that exact position. She did, as well as pick out what earrings to wear.

I am still not sure as to what nickname to give this wig, but this is the one she prefers to wear to bed.

The following is Leila’s natural hair, the wig she came with. It is my most challenging hair to work with, but I feel I am slowly getting better at managing it.

After we were done doing all of this, and now busy watching a movie, we both realized that we forgot to take a pic of her wearing the Cleo wig. We were both too comfy now, and too tired worry about it.

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