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Leila's Photo-Shoot

I love my little army girl. Leila bought this dress herself, and made it clear how much she appreciates all of those that serve in the military. In an earlier post, I have mentioned how what her parents did career-wise was a sensitive topic of talk with Leila.

I continue to remain respectful of her wishes if she does not want to open up about this issue.I have full understanding in the idea that planting a seed today doesn’t mean you will have a fully matured tree tomorrow.

Leila’s first ‘selfie’:

I love the following dress. I struggled the very first time that I tried to put it on her. It has criss-cross back straps, and now being a little more experienced, I gave it another try and finally succeeded.

The wig she is wearing is called wine, and I love it. Recently, I bought three new wigs, and wine was my second favorite of the three. Unlike the wigs she already has, this is the first human hair wig:

I am learning as I go with this whole photography thing. I am finding out that sometimes extra lighting is good, but sometimes it isn’t. This is why I have posted these two pics above together to illustrate my point.

The following is another of the three new wigs I bought for Leila. The official name for it is honey. While that will be what I officially label it as, I am also captured by another name it can be called.

In the 1980’s, there was a stunningly beautiful tv star named Farrah Fawcett. Hence, this wig is also known as, ‘Farrah’:

You may have already noticed my favorite of the three wigs, which is called lemonade. She was wearing this wig in the header pic of this post. While examining many wig styles and colors in my favorite beauty supply store, it was lemonade that captured my attention the most.

After attempting to put this photo-session together, Leila wanted to add in her touch for the post. She wanted to add the following pose in multiple hair-styles for viewers of this site. She was curious about what hair-style she looked best in.

The jean shorts that she is wearing are actually what is called jeggings, and it firstly was pants. I cut, then hemmed them to make them into shorts; her very first jean-shorts that she has.

As is always the case after a busy photo-shoot, Leila and I are totally exhausted and are quickly ready for bed. Leila again took charge, and demanded I add these two pics to this post.

Wow, I truly adore her:

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