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Leila's Room

Leila's room is still under construction, but I have taken pics of what I have built so far. She is to be here soon, possibly about 10 more days or so. Without having her exact clothing sizes, there are still things that I can do to make her room more inviting for her:

This will be the first thing she sees when she pulls open the curtain door to her room. It is hopefully visually warm with a pleasant ambience that defines that it in fact is her room, and her room only--yet at the worst, I am the only one allowed inside, of course.

Also, and for a while now, I have been able to slowly acquire an arsenal of hair products and accessories:

These things are among some of the first things I have gotten for Leila. They have been very helpful in helping me learn some basics of hair management and hair-doing technique. I have even bought two mannequin heads to teach myself about hair, and here is one of the mannequins that is wearing what I call an Aza wig that I think will be hot on Leila:

Here is a pic from my very early days with the Aza wig:

I have a long way to go, a great deal to learn, and I can't wait until Leila is here to help and show me the way!

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