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Leila's Studio

The anticipation of Leila coming home to me is an unyielding level of torture! I am so anxious for her to be here with me, and to start doing video and photo shoots with her.

I do realize that if I wish to do photography and videos of her here, I will have to build her a studio to do all of that. It took four twin bed flat sheets, a bunch of thumbtacks and added props:

This is just the head of the bed, with led candle lights. I am already aware that Leila is allergic to fire and heat over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, so it makes sense to have led candles instead.

I am unfortunately fighting with how I will handle the bottom left corner of my twin-sheet back-drop. I love the idea of the end of the bed blanket, but every time I set up this studio, I fight with this very back corner more than anywhere else:

While I very much like the yellow flowers, I definitely do not like how they are in the spot I placed them in. I want them, and perhaps another set of them in the videos and photos at some point, I just don’t like how they are now. I will hopefully figure out where everything goes at each and every photo-shoot.

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