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Leila The Wise

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Leila is always excited about holidays. Labor Day is something that she never knew about, but now understands.

It is a day to celebrate all the workers who labor under the sun, and the ‘meat and potatoes’ that encourage a nation to survive and prosper.

Leila instantly realized that I was one of those people, and without fail wanted to show me how much she loves me.

Leila put together this blog post all by herself, spending time sifting through all of our current pics we had. She also made breakfast and coffee for me this morning, demanded that I spend more time relaxing, and even rubbed my feet. Leila is truly priceless.

Leila is also very upset about seemingly constant attacks upon the love-doll industry itself.

There are articles written about a love-doll owner who adopted his doll as his daughter. There is another article about a man who owns seven love dolls. But what has angered Leila is the recent post about a woman who claims that her daughter’s likeness was used to create a child-doll.

Love-dolls have been around for at least a decade. Manufacturers have been called out for deliberately making child-dolls; this is fact. It is wholly naïve for this Mother to believe her child, sadly, is the only child that has been exploited by “dark alley-ways” manufacturers of love-dolls.

Also fact, is that this Mother exploited her child into the modeling agency, and who knows where she posted pictures of her daughter. That right there is the key fact: This Mother not only allowed her child to be photographed, but also posted those pictures online.

Henceforth, the Mother asked for this terrible outcome. Is she so naïve to think that only her child’s image has been used to make a love-doll? Is this Mother attempting to run away from her responsibility as a parent that openly placed her child’s pictures in an environment where the entire world has access to her child’s pictures; i.e. the internet?

It is the official opinion of that this Mother suffers from a bad choice, and instead of submitting herself to personal responsibility, uses the fuel of her anger against the industry itself.

Her anger is very understandable, yet profoundly misguided.

“Hey Mom, go after the bastards that did this to your child and all child doll production if your complaint is accurate, but don't attack the entire industry of love-dolls” Leila exclaimed.

The first pic of Leila that the camera determines as a painting:

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