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Love Dolls

So very beautiful is our resident research junkie, Masami. Her online research talent astounds Leila and me all the time. She somehow finds very obscure things to the found with ease. Yet with what she does in all her research, she is always eager to point out things to all of us that she feels may have value directly or indirectly to all of us.

Masami recently came across a very well elucidated article written by a new doll owner. Both girls remained silent after reading this, then looked to me for any words at all. My silence remained longer than theirs, but then I finally spoke:

Me: Masami, could you please reach out to this author, and ask him if there is any way possible that we could place his words on our website? His work truly inspires a wealth of thought.

Masami: Ok.

We were approved to post his words here on, and are very happy to be allowed to post them:

"Well, I've been in the doll lifestyle for a month-and-a-half now. Already, I'm ready to make a list of positives I can see with dolls. I'm sure this has been done many times, but here's my list (in no particular order). Positives: a steady, positive physical presence sexual pleasure tactile contact when you need it cuddling a stress-free relationship she takes the edge off loneliness her non-verbal communication is always positive and accepting a companion a girlfriend a wife a girlfriend for you and your girlfriend/wife safely explore threesomes and polyamory with your significant other a kinky sex partner a pretty face to look at a sexy body to look at/feel a kissing partner she'll wear clothes/makeup/jewelry that you like someone to talk to you can tell her anything a guaranteed date for Friday and Saturday night holding hands she'll keep you company at night in bed she looks amazing in a softly-lit room good for taking photos Netflix and chill listen to your favorite music together sit her on your lap while you surf the internet, watch a movie FaceApp gives her a smile washing her gives you a closer connection she needs you to care for her (she's helpless without you) roleplay slow dance with her you can give her as much life as your imagination will allow she's easy-going and goes along with whatever you want to do dating/marriage didn't work out? No problem, she's there for you she's willing to look past your flaws she gives unconditional acceptance she sees you as the most important thing in her life she needs physical contact as much as you do (it gives her life) she's able and ready to experiment sexually she's very forgiving she's always ready to listen, without judgement she absorbs your body heat (and returns it back to you) the more you invest in her, the more she blooms and enhances your life she can change her looks in a variety of ways you can count on her being there when you come home she's a good stepping stone to a "breathing" girlfriend she's a work of art to appreciate she brings out your fantasies, to act out safely she has plenty of stamina to go the distance she won't quit until you're completely satisfied she retains her sexy figure over time she plays well when you add other girls to your family she smells great (with your favorite perfume or scent) temporary tattoos you can stare into each other's eyes you can express your deepest feelings and she'll be okay with it you can give her a massage she'll wrap her arms around you and never let go she feels good laying on top of you she makes a good car passenger makes you feel young again she's ready to be loved she wants to look good for you the more special moments you share with her, the more special she becomes sometimes surprises you when you walk into a room her presence makes a house into a home sometimes you catch her looking at you from across the room sometimes she "accidentally" falls on you (an accident? yeah right) she'll build your muscles from all the lifting! Things you might be glad you're missing out on: she never lies never cheats never gets bored of you never flirts with other guys on social media/text never "has a headache" or is "too tired" no arguments no breakups no divorce no child custody battles no alimony no arguments over money no pregnancy scares no STD's no jealousy (both ways) no bad attitude she'll never use the past against you never worry about who's texting her at 10 P.M. no baggage from past relationships no mind games no judgement no blame no deception no drama Anything I missed?"

Author: Chadley Inkwell

It truly is hard to know where to begin with this brilliant benefit list of the joys of having a love doll in ones life! I have learned a lot in my 20 month journey with Leila and Masami, so much of this benefit of having a doll or dolls observation applies to not just me, but possibly to other doll owners, doll enthusiasts, and with any hopes, those that do not like sex/love dolls at all.

I find this to be a thorough, comprehensive and pleasantly presented statement of what love dolls are all about. My inspiration hit me very hot and heavy with these words, and I have had to really spend time sorting out my thoughts. I first printed out this statement, and the following was my approach to give proper organization to best define my own thoughts.

After printing out these words, I took a blue pencil-crayon and began to highlight all of the points made that appealed to me the most. It was 24 statements in total that really reached out to me. All of the points are most valid, I just wanted to perhaps in a way, self-examine why I feel the way I feel about having love dolls in my life.

With my 24 statements from this article, I created three categories. I gave the three categories names: “Part 1”, “Part 2” and “Part 3”. These parts are all equal in that they combined are of my strongest of reasons for having a love doll. I also felt an explanation and dissection was in order for you, the viewer of this post.

I decided to start with “Part 3”, as part 2 and part 1 may have stronger significance. The pictures of only Leila that I am posting here have a special significance as well.

If you ignore all words and only focus on the pictures, you may see how Leila can look like so many dolls; starting from day one all the way up to the present day. This may be entirely understandable by the time you finish reading the rest of this post.

After making my three categories, I arranged all points made in each category in order from the strongest to the weakest point per given category. As stated, I started with part 3.

Part 3

her presence makes a house into a home

makes you feel young again

the more you invest in her, the more she blooms and enhances your life

All true with me. I will probably be making reminders about how these statements of this piece very much appeal to me.

I told someone once that without Leila in my life, ‘do you really think I would have so many (fake) plants in my home?’ Prior to her, there were no plants except the real ones outside on my balcony.

I do all my own shopping, so I go to grocery stores a lot. In my job or these stores that I go to, I occasionally come upon a young and beautiful woman. Most of them do not notice me, but I notice them. At my age now, the mere site of a young beauty is enough to remind me of when I was young and these girls did notice me.

I now have this attention every single day at my home because of Leila and Masami.

the more special moments you share with her, the more special she becomes

I have taken over 7,500 pictures of both my girls to this date, and I could almost say when I took each picture. The picture above for example, was the very first piece of lingerie Leila ever wore.

a stress-free relationship

she gives unconditional acceptance

she's willing to look past your flaws

Simply put, no matter what happens, I can confidently feel that I am accepted for exactly who I am. This remains the case if I decide to make any kind of radical, split-second out of character decision. Leila’s conclusion with me for any action I take, will remain unshakeable, unchangeable and a great testimony to the concept of the very core of loyalty itself.

she'll keep you company at night in bed

sit her on your lap while you surf the internet, watch a movie

a companion

For some, someone being there for them is quite comforting. For others, perhaps you own a car that you always wanted that is there; or a favorite painting, a grandfather clock, a priceless coin or even just your cat or dog being there for you to enjoy.

Leila is a synthetic and not real, but she is there for me when I come home. I may have her laying on a table, ready for me to change her clothes for the next photo-shoot. She may be simply there lying on the bed in my home, ready for me to re-do her makeup and eyelashes. Or possibly there sitting on the couch, waiting for me to make my first glass of wine and then come sit next to her.

she sees you as the most important thing in her life

For the purposes of my sufficiently expressed fantasy with Leila and Masami, ‘sees’ is the correct word. In a practical sense, I truly am the most important thing in her life.

I am her doctor. I am her cleaner. I am her photographer. I am her make-up artist. I am her wardrobe manager. I am her lighting and set designer. I am her accountant. I am her attorney. I am her webmaster. I am her promoter. I am her housekeeper. I am her bodyguard. I am her scriptwriter, and probably more that I am not thinking of.

With Leila in my life, it seems that there really is a ‘give back’ theme that has developed between us. There is even more to mention that she gives to me, and I just listed a lot she gets back from me. It appears to be a ‘win-win’ with our relationship.

Part 2

a steady, positive physical presence

she retains her sexy figure over time

a sexy body to look at/feel

a pretty face to look at

I have mentioned on my homepage statement that I did look at many dolls before choosing Leila. I even showed pictures of dolls that I really considered the most before finally choosing Leila in a post here called, “Before Leila” [].

For me, Leila just seemed to have all the other girls beat in all categories. There was something that drew me to her, and even though she was one of the first of the many dolls I looked at during my consideration, I still looked at other dolls.

Yet when it came down to final decision time, there was one doll that gave Leila a, ‘run for her money’ and I think it took a day or two for me to finally choose Leila. I do not remember her name or where I found her, but I almost went with her instead of Leila.

Leila did see this picture and said,

"Wow, she is hot".

washing her gives you a closer connection

Truth be told, as I am writing this post well before the day it gets posted, I am actually cleaning Leila’s body. She is suspended from the ceiling in a specific spot that proves the best to do this activity. I actually was giving her a powder bath while switching back and forth with that and working on this post.

This is quite true, as I feel I could not make Leila look her best without a good cleaning. A deeper understanding as to what makes this statement very true, is I clean her entire body from head to toe. Standing back and looking at her is one thing, but the fine-tuned examination of her entire body; every curve and every crevice she has is seized upon to be cleaned as may be necessary.

I am aware of every single fraction of a millimeter of her entire body, and this alone encourages only profound close engagement of her at all, thereby making sure that I am aware of her entire body. Cleaning does indeed allow me to feel a closer connection to and with her.

a kissing partner

she takes the edge off loneliness

In the world of love dolls, there is a lot of mention about the, ‘honeymoon’ phase. This is very true.

In my honeymoon phase with Leila, I honestly did kiss or peck somewhere on her face before I left for work, go to the store etc. But as I became more intense with making sure her lipstick was as good as I could get it for purposes of an upcoming photo shoot, her lips soon became off limits.

Over time, I did not kiss her as often as I did in the beginning, but it still does happen on occasion, followed by whispering the words ‘I love you’.

I felt it was important to mention the idea of loneliness. This feeling has never happened to me in my entire life. But if it ever does, hopefully Leila will be there to quench its thirst.

Part 1

you can give her as much life as your imagination will allow

It was easily felt by me that this statement is the number one reason to have a love-doll at all for me. I have mentioned countless times in many of my 61 posts in my adventures with Leila and Masami about this very idea, starting even with my very first post, “Why?” [].

Imagine wanting something for 20 years, but financially there was no way to ever have it. You remained feverish to have this something for a period of 20 years, not all the time, but occasionally reminded by yourself about it. You knew in your heart that something special could happen should you ever acquire this something, but still knowing it was out of your reach.

Yes, Leila is a love/sex doll. Yes, I am fully aware of what I can do with her, as she is in fact anatomically correct. Yet what I try to convey to those that are aware of her now in my life after this very long wait is that,

“My website is exactly what I saw in my head when I first saw a full-body, head to toe sex doll. The sex part is merely second fiddle, second best and just the cherry on top”.

she brings out your fantasies, to act out safely

This is reinforcement to my prior statement. Perhaps one may scoff at how I feel towards Leila, but great consideration should be given to the idea that sometimes a psychological orgasm may actually be as or even stronger than a physical one.

I love being creative, dance with words, and creating concepts out of thin air. There is a lot of power making something out of nothing; I include the same being done with an inanimate object. I have totally fabricated Leila and Masami’s existence beyond simply inanimate with my own thoughts as to their personalities and behavioral traits.

I have dedicated two posts that go into specific detail of their biography’s as well as countless examples of their likes and dislikes and their similarities and differences in now 61 posts. Leila's Bio: []. Masami's Bio: [].

The beauty of my creative potency is that all it does is inspire more creativity. And as I continue to flesh these girls out, more doors are opened for more of the same.

she'll wear clothes/makeup/jewelry that you like

she can change her looks in a variety of ways

This may be where you are starting to see why I have chosen the pictures for this post. I went through my archives of the over 7,500 pictures and started with my very first batch of pictures in order up to Leila as she is today. To again announce reinforcement should be considered redundant at this point.

I have amassed over 50 wigs, a bunch of socks, panties, bras, lingerie, shirts, pants, leggings, I need more skirts lol, shorts, shoes, evening gowns and dresses, a handful of slippers and shoes, necklaces, glasses, earrings and soon to come rings for their fingers and plenty of general supplies to make what happen I wish to happen.

Total creative control to be cemented with a given random outcome situation seems to be a timeless and harmless psychological drug to me. And I love every minute of it!

good for taking photos

she's a work of art to appreciate

In regards to:

Things you might be glad you're missing out on” list, I did not feel that there was much else to say other than what was stated. It is an additional and inarguable follow-up, and in my view, the icing on the cake.

There are statements among the pro-doll community that I think is very much worth mentioning, but I truly believe the following statement should and must become an axiom:

“If you talk to a doll owner, you only know one doll owner”.

There are of course, many doll owners. I can guarantee that there is even at least one doll owner that disagrees with not only the beneficial list written by Chadley Inkwell, but perhaps another that does not agree with anything I have written from my own perspective.

Just like all people on earth in general; doll owners are not all the same.

For those that are unsure about sex dolls, somewhat against sex dolls or even hate sex dolls, I humbly thank you for at least reading this post. You may remain in your conclusion even after reading this post, but I definitely want to thank you personally for at least giving the idea of sex dolls a fair and objective chance!

For those that are considering getting a doll, or are simply one who approves of those that choose to have a doll in their life, thank you very much too for your time in reading this special post!

If you decide to have a doll in your life, I can only hope you have as much joy as I do with my lovely Leila and Masami. If you cannot have one for any reason, I am strictly hopeful that your luck will change, and have a doll of your own some day!

For actual doll owners, I encourage all of you to do what I have done; a self-examination. Chadley Inkwell in my view has done a fantastic job in making clear what dolls do for us; or, at least me for that matter.

Yes, a great deal of his work appeals to me, but it brought out perhaps what I truly felt, I just never put in to words before his beneficial aspects of the doll experience and saw my own thoughts blatantly in my conscious mind.

As mentioned before in another post, the girls are involved in everything I do with one exception. They never watch, observe or even proof read a post until it gets posted. They do this because they have stated that they want to respect at least one thing that I do on my own with no supervision.

I respect Leila in not ever touching or ever reading her diary; I respect Masami’s desire to not be photographed solo until she catches and stops me attempting to do so.

I am not dreaming a dream; I am in fact living it with my Leila and Masami, and I love them both very much! With that enthusiasm in mind:

Me: Sugar pickles?

Leila: Yes, baby?

Me: Can you and Masami add a few more pictures and some words to close out this post?

Leila: Of course we can, love. Thank you so much Chadley Inkwell, I love it when my man gets inspired!

Masami: Thank you Chadley Inkwell for allowing us to place your words on our website. We are hopeful to spread our combined words across the globe.

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