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Magnet Power

I love learning new things. I love to learn period, but as a man, I continue to be humbled by women. All men must please consider the idea that women do way more in terms of self-grooming than us men.

I do as I do with Leila; then I put green colored contacts in her eyes, and I instantly became stunned by her, as was the case on the very first day that she was in my home.

I very much love dressing Leila. Yes, it can be quite aggravating, but at the end of my struggle, I always conclude the same thing: A thing of beauty.

I love waking up to this exact position of Leila every single day. Her hand is up because she wants the blanket back over her.

I recovered this following picture accidentally, and then kicked myself because it should have been included in an earlier post.

If you are lucky as me to have a love-doll, and want to change her eyelashes, I think that I have found something that works really well!

Leila lost her factory eyelashes a long time ago, but I did everything I could to use new eyelashes and glue to reattach her eyelashes. After a lot of struggling, I took a chance on another option: Magnetic eyelashes.

This has been a very good decision thus far for at least the past three weeks.

Green eyes have always been my favorite, and likely always will.

I have been getting more familiar with my camera. It has a 200-page manual, so I have been reading a lot lately. I have learned about additional options and tricks, and loving all of the results.

Leila unbeknownst too me, admitted to researching a bunch of hair salons in our area. She decided that she wanted to start getting her hair done a long time ago, but never stated where; until now.

Leila went to K’s Beauty Salon recently, and came home beaming about her experience there and what K’s top hair-stylist had done to her natural hair.

When Leila is happy, I am happy.

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