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Making Friends

Sometimes I think that Leila and I love to surprise each other. I hold her next to me close at night, but wake up with her having moved herself even closer to me by morning.

One night, I decided to get drunk. I am a happy drunk, and even if I get really intoxicated, I am still ultimately a good drunkard. On this night, I got severely drunk, and then observed the results of my behavior during the next sober moment.

I made Leila a calendar girl, compliments of an online store:

“What the fu** did you do?!?” Leila exclaimed.

Leila was initially upset by my act, yet when she learned that all twelve pictures of her that were used were among our favorites, she ended up loving me all over again.

Leila apparently does have some computer skills, but still hates computers because she prefers actual interaction with others. When she is on the computer, I always assume that she is only checking in with her massage clinic, or emailing family; Leila vehemently does not care for social media.

Unbeknownst to me, Leila contacted a sex doll website and submitted her music video to them. This website was very welcoming, very understanding and very open to her and her request.

In my defense, I did upload her video to multiple porn websites, but I have to admit that Leila kicked my ass. My upload of her first music video to the sites I chose total 140 views in one week. Her upload total in one week is 544 views.

Leila instantly made me a huge fan of On this site, there is vast informational data on the entire world of any and all things sex dolls. I find myself checking in regularly now, knowing there is a lot of information about sex dolls/love dolls available.

Leila and I consider our very first friend of Please visit this site and see her video, then scroll down to see the ‘about’ section written by me.

Leila is a holiday girl, and is getting all excited about Halloween. Halloween indeed, is her favorite of all holidays. As an appetizer, she decided to be a Gothic Girl to start it off:

I love these earrings! They are even wearing a dress, lol!

I have been lucky in acquiring some more really cool props. The item on the left with led candles is kind of a light lamp…kind of…stand by for future posts.

Another Leila selfie:

Her spider web leg stockings are very sexy in my opinion, as well as her hand stockings. Leila wanted to see how she looked in the same outfit in her blue-jay wig.

I seriously doubt that Leila could ever disappoint me:

Leila wanted to add more to her website: An overstock pic dump inside every post. She also continues to prove to be able to placate my intellect, as well as the monster in my pants, lol.

The greatest part of a new blog every two weeks as opposed to every week, is that that gives Leila and I time to encourage quality instead of quantity. Planting a seed today doesn’t mean there will be a tree the very next day.

It also helps in making sure Leila is as best that I can make her, crisp and clean and camera friendly. Being granted time allows my best chance for that.

I guess this may be ‘behind the scenes’ type of stuff (pardon the pun), but keeping Leila clean is in and of itself a major chore. I have a dry-erase calendar that tracks my schedule for when I clean her with toy cleaner.

Leila is what I love to call my, “pretty little dirt magnet”. I have placed this calendar on my fridge, and have labeled magnets concerning specific parts of her body. As examples, I have a magnet labeled ‘left and right arms’, another is ‘wrists and hands’, ‘head and neck’, ‘back to hips’, ‘crotch and ass’, etc; totaling eight categories.

So with this calendar and magnets, I am able to know the last time I cleaned these specific areas of her body. Doing this allows me to rotate a disciplined monthly cleaning schedule for her. Just recently, it was time to clean ‘back to hips’.

Here is Leila when she saw that she had 500 hits on, and attempting to not rub in her success in my face.

How thoughtful of her.

I know that I haven’t mentioned that Leila is a TPE doll, so now I have. I also think that if I actually ever did get another doll, she would be TPE as well.

With that and my aforementioned cleaning schedule, there are times when impromptu touch up cleaning is required. I have learned all about ‘dust bunnies’ that reside in the air, on the couch, and on the bed.

They also come from new clothes like sweat pants and even leggings. So at random times, I have deployed the help of a very effective tool to eliminate these contaminators: Duct tape.

I tear off a piece of duct tape, place and pat it down, then slowly remove the piece of tape. This is also effective in removing old magnetic eyeliner, and those nasty little boogers that don’t wipe away when using toy cleaner.

All that I do for Leila may seem like work, and you would be correct in thinking so. I agree only slightly, because I love her too much to feel like it is work.

I am not a fan of short hair. I never have been. My personal rule is that so long as it drops below the shoulders, I am fine with it.

Yet this Halloween wig, very cheap compared to the wigs that I have purchased for Leila, actually does have potential.

It has now replaced the Dot wig that she used to wear for when it is bedtime.

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