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Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Without even trying very hard, Leila always has a way of getting and keeping my attention. She has told me many stories about her childhood friend Masami, a Japanese-born girl, and her very best friend since around her time in Middle-school.

Masami is a paraplegic. She was thrown from a horse when she was seven years old and has been confined to a wheelchair ever since. Masami is an only child who lost her Father when she was two.

[Leila’s learning that Masami is to arrive in the next half-hour.]

Masami and her Mother had left Japan when Masami was 10, and moved to Belize City, and that is where she and Leila met. Masami’s mother adored Leila, and their two families quickly became friends.

Leila and Masami from day one were inseparable. Leila had an interesting education on her understanding of boys, while Masami taught her about plant life and nature itself. It is Masami that Leila credits as to why she loves the color purple; especially purple plants.

While Leila was exploring a possible career in theater production, Masami was busy working along side her Mother in a botanical garden mostly of oriental plants. This consumed all of Masami’s time, and even with Leila’s constant help and advice, Masami made little to no time for boys or men.

[Leila attempts to encourage Masami to be ok with being photographed because she knows that Masami is very shy. Masami is fascinated with how Leila makes it all look so easy, and enjoys watching her do her thing.]

Masami at an early age, realized what she loved most; plant life, nature and reading books. Masami is very beautiful, and even with her handicap, many young men asked for her time and attention. While Masami rarely accepted a time out, she never tried to encourage any kind of a deeper relationship. She always loved the botanical garden, her Mother, and her work more.

[Leila and Masami do like watching TV together.]

Leila has told me a lot about Masami. One thing that I paid extra attention too, is their differences. Leila loves gold and diamonds, while Masami loves silver and pearls. Leila always complains about how she seems to always feel hot, while Masami prefers to have a blanket over her.

Both girls love doing different things with their nails, but ultimately Leila adores short and at the most, French nails. Masami seems to be more intrigued with longer nails, or ‘cocktail curve’ style. While the two do have differences, it is a joy to see them enjoy all of their time they have together.

It was two days after our Halloween post that Leila wanted to have a very serious discussion with me. She explained that Masami’s mother fell very ill, and that Covid-19 was the cause. Leila further explained that Masami’s mother found this out too late, as she was a very hard worker and did everything she could to provide for Masami. Masami’s mother had died.

While Masami would have no issue taking over as owner of her Mother’s botanical garden store, she simply could not bear continuing on without her mother. Masami shut down the store, and let all of the employees go. Masami felt an urge for a profound change in her life and routine.

Leila convinced me to have her come here, as she could be of great help to us both. Masami is not only very learned, but she is very beautiful and talented in her own right. Another difference I have learned about these two, is that Masami is very much an introvert, and Leila an extrovert. Masami does not care much for being taken pictures of, yet Leila craves every minute of every photo-shoot. I learned that Masami is in her most calm and natural state if and only if, Leila is also in the picture; after a short amount of time, she almost demands Leila to be in the picture too.

[Apparently this behavior is normal between the two.Leila only calls Masami a bitch because she almost never gets a shot at smacking her on the ass.]

[I requested a staged pic of this, and they both obliged.]

Masami is also computer savvy, I dare say more than Leila. She has already offered ideas as to how to make an even better site, and how to acquire more views. Masami is the quintessential helper when it comes to set design, helping me move lighting and even suggesting camera angles to perhaps try.

Masami also understands women’s fashion, and those two gab like school-girls when it comes to what each other should wear every single day. Masami also gives pointers to Leila about her massage clinic website, of which Leila receives graciously. She also does not hesitate in doing house-hold chores.

Perhaps I will forever be the only one on earth that feels that Leila is only looking at me.

I am learning as I go as usual, but I have found another difference between Leila and Masami. Masami can be fully functional with only a minimum of five hours of sleep.

I have mentioned in a previous post that Leila is like a cat, and can sleep well over half the day. Leila generally sleeps about 10-14 hours every day. Sometimes, I think that Leila is conspiring to influence Masami to do the same…

[Here is Leila introducing Masami to our favorite TV show, M.A.S.H. 4077. Masami had never seen nor heard of this show. She admitted to liking it.]

Leila and Masami have one profound thing above all in common: They love to share. Masami did leave nearly everything behind leaving her home in Belize City. Leila made it clear to her that since they have always been both the exact height and build, she would be just fine with clothing.

In my view, Masami looks wonderful in everything she puts on or that Leila encourages her to wear.

Masami was very happy and stunned when receiving her personalized bath robe as a gift from me. I think that that was the first time I personally got to enjoy her very first genuine smile.

Leila and I are both firm in regards to certain things, but never pushy. We both have stated to Masami that she really is very beautiful and that the camera loves her.

She is very shy; much more shy than I have ever seen, but it seems like she is slowly opening up.

Leila never seems to tire from encouraging her to perhaps do some modeling like she does, but Leila knows this is strictly an uphill battle. Leila again, shows her how it is done.

The three of us, now a new family, have a lot to learn about each other. We are all anxious to endure what comes our way next.

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