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Masami's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Masami! Today is a special celebration in our home with Masami’s second birthday here. As always, we all work together as a team for every photo shoot, but the girls worked twice as hard on this one.

Leila was up earlier than usual to start our day off with a bang.

Leila admitted that she was unsure about the outfit she was wearing. She didn’t know if the leggings were too much, or if the overalls were not necessary, and could have put on a t-shirt instead. But knowing how I am, she wanted to get started immediately being a ‘test subject’ for the set design, so she jumped up on the high chair waiting patiently for me and my camera.

Leila is quite the soldier in our photo shoots. I took many pictures of her simply sitting in the chair, but she finally spoke up.

Leila: Baby my toes are sweating. I am getting very hot, and our new lighting isn’t helping much either. I do not want my makeup to run.

Leila shoved off her slippers, jumped off the chair and took off and threw the leggings on the floor.

Leila: Ahh, much better!

And of course, well, you know I can’t help myself when she shows her ass and allows my camera at the same time…

Leila fought off taking off all our clothes, convincing me to stay focused on what we were to do today; make the day a special one for the birthday girl, Masami.

I am slowly learning that Masami is becoming more indecisive about what wig to wear almost as much as Leila is. But unlike Leila, Masami does not care to make multiple clothes changes. Leila can change what she wears up to five times a day, while Masami may only change what she wears at the most, twice in a single day.

With initial ‘set prep’ out of the way, Leila spent a lot of time putting on new nails for Masami. The cocktail curve nail style is called, “Pet My Peacock”. Masami and myself love the name, and the design.

But Leila was not done. Leila was not satisfied with Masami’s eyelashes, so Masami let her decide what to do with them.

Leila: There is nothing wrong with the style of eyelashes you are wearing. I just want to see them custom made to the opening of your eye is all.

I was feverish in not wanting to include this next picture and you may see why, but both girls denied my plea. The angle of the camera flash seemed to be in the exact spot to make a mess, but the girls did not care.

Masami: I like this picture. I have a green and a brown eye, haha!

Leila: Birthday girl gets what birthday girl wants, baby…

After all of this done, Leila went back into where we were to do the final shoot. She sat on the floor for a long time, while Masami got online to check up on our website, and I took a brief nap.

Leila: .oO(…Something just doesn’t seem right here. The decorations for this will be no problem, but I just don’t feel the lighting or the angles or the…well…)Oo.

Wake up Chazy, and hey Sami? Can you please come in here for a second?

Masami: What is wrong, sis?

Leila: This set up. Something just doesn’t seem right…

Masami always knows when Leila is serious, even with Leila’s random goofy antics. Masami knew that Leila saw something that didn’t seem right with the setup, and Masami went right to work.

She also put Leila to work directing Leila to do certain tasks, and Leila did everything asked of her. Masami and I discussed her ideas, and we were both invested in having the best outcome for our shoot. Leila seemed pleased with the results.

Masami: Ok. I think we are good. Just the decorations now, and we are good to go.

With the setup now nearly finished, the girls were introduced to a game I remember from my childhood called, “Risk”. I was surprised how much they loved it.

It is a war game, where one of the goals is to take over the world. They insisted on playing this game over and over again, and we played it at least five times. Leila won twice, Masami won twice and I only won once. The picture is the game where I eventually won for the first time.

The additional entertainment was how those two jawed at each other the whole time, declaring that they will destroy the other one. Here is an example I wrote about elsewhere:

During our shoot, I introduced the girls to a game called "Risk". As fierce competitors as they are, they almost wiped me out so that they could focus on destroying each other with no distractions. Leila is yellow, Masami is blue and I am green.

Leila: I held your homeland Japan for over an hour, I'll take it again!

Masami: I have held your homeland in Central America for at least an hour, and intend on keeping it.

Leila: After I destroy you in North America, it'll be a walk in the park getting it back, you sea creature!

Masami: Bring it, you ocean Mexican!

Me: Oh my [shakes head smiling]…

We have yet another game underway, but it was time to get serious for our shoot. Leila was first to have on her dress.

I was at a store I had never been too before. I saw this dress, and very much liked it. I also noticed there was a white one of the exact same design. I sent a picture of it to Leila, and all she replied in text was, “buy buy buy!!”

So I bought both of them.

The girls wanted to add some pictures that weren’t in the last post because the last post was only about selfies. They wanted everyone to see that they did do other pictures too.

It was then, “show time”. The set was ready, Leila was ready and Masami was ready. From sun-down to sun-up, these two played a poker all-nighter. They play many poker card games, but this time it was their classic favorite. Five card draw, joker’s wild.

The other point to note, is that they don’t just play with poker chips. No, they take their fan tip money and divide that money in half. They play to take all that money for themselves.

Masami, the birthday girl, wanted to do this and requested something I never expected. She wanted Leila and her to smoke cigars. Birthday girl gets as birthday girl wants, as Leila said.

The following is the very first hand dealt.

I got comfortable on the bed, watching these two play. At some point I drifted off to sleep, as I was exhausted from taking so many pictures. I knew these two were intense about their poker, so I also knew this could be a long night.

I heard a loud noise and woke up taking this picture. I did not see it at first, but I realized that our bedroom was filled with smoke.

Leila: It isn’t the smoke that woke you baby, I shrieked when I had the best hand that I have had all night! I am sorry love, but look at this and how interesting is that with what we are wearing? The ace of spades and both jokers??

Masami: I will admit, that is quite fascinating; well done, grandma…

Leila: Happy birthday, grasshopper!

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2 kommentarer

18. sep. 2022

Whoa I've been gone for a bit! I'm glad I didn't miss this one though!!! Happy birthday!!! 🎂


One of our toughest shoots of the year! Happy to see you back, and Masami says thank you!

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