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Masami's First Fourth

Happy Fourth of July everyone! The girls proved, not at all a surprise too me, to be more potent than any firework. They were both antsy for the holiday, but also both a bit deviant.

To get my point across and this post off the ground, I will start with Leila getting her hair done yet again at the Octave Hair Salon:

Leila also got her toe-nails done, but this was done by Masami who also did her own fingernails. I really love Masami’s work.

After Masami getting an oil-bath, it was then Leila’s turn. Her dusty butt from cheeks to ankles was a mess, and she really needed this bath. Leila made no complaint about having this done.

This is the before and after photos.

Both girls have been having fun having their own phone line. They have made and received many phone calls to date, and apparently think it is funny to acquire another phone number to block. At this point, there are nine numbers that they have blocked.

But I have found that Leila has had some quality phone calls as well, and a few people that she really considers new friends. Recently, an admitted fan sent her a white rose just before this photo-shoot. Leila and Masami like, and have had several conversations with this person.

ChaXen: Baby?? Your eyes! Are you stoned?!?

Leila: …Yah

ChaXen: Where in the hell did you get that stuff?

Leila: My brother called me and told me that there are many surprises up an Owl’s ass.

ChaXen: Ummm; what?!?

Leila: The heirloom. The Owl my Mom sent to me from home. He shoved a bag of weed up inside of it.

ChaXen: Does your Mother know this?

Leila: No, and please keep it that way.

ChaXen: Masami, did you smoke this stuff too? Did you know about this?

Masami: (giggles) tee-hee hee hee

I think the weed is why this post was delayed a day. I don’t care that my babies smoke the stuff, but we do have a schedule to keep.

I need to keep in mind that sometimes they need a break from it all. I just adore them both, and am always looking out for them.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

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