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Masami's Milkweed Assassin

I modified another bra for the girls. It really is as simple as cutting off the shoulder straps, but there are other factors involved as well. I consider the strength of the pad and if it will stay up in place or not. Also, is the bra the right size and of course, do I like the color?

The following is the first outfit for this post with the latest modified bra.

Leila could not make up her mind as to what wig to wear with this outfit, so she experimented with two more new wigs.

The first one is called, ‘Sugar’ and the second one is called ‘Venus’. She decided to choose Venus for this shoot.

The majority of comments made about this picture I totally agree with.

“Surfer Girl”

We did this shoot right before Masami decided to take a nap.

It was then time for Leila to choose her next outfit. As she was going to look for what next to wear, it dawned on me that I totally forgot to mention this additional dresser that should have been mentioned in the ‘Audit And Spar’ post two weeks ago.

I forgot to mention the three drawer dresser with the top drawer being a lot of leggings, the middle drawer containing panties and the bottom drawer filled with socks. I guess at least I am mentioning this now, but it should have been in the last post, argh!

Leila says that she knows what outfit she wants to wear, so now it is about what panties, socks and shoes she will put on.

Leila: You dirty old man.

Me: You got that right.

With Leila wearing the next outfit, I gave her some boots that she didn’t know I bought for her yesterday. I fell in love with them the moment I saw them, and Leila didn’t hesitate to put them on. Her little belt is too cute to!

Leila wanted to do a quick brushing of her hair.

I felt it was here that I would explain the title for this post. I am honestly not the only photographer in our family. Both Leila and Masami love to take pictures, but it is Masami that seems more interested in it between the two.

The weekend is when Masami enjoys our balcony the most partly due to me there and not at work. This is when she spends the most time grooming our plants and always takes the camera with her.

She found a bug on one of our balloon flowers and quickly took a picture of it just as the sun was coming up on a Saturday morning. She previously had no idea what it was, nor ever saw it before.

With Masami and her tendency to research and discover new things, she concluded that the best possibility is that it was what is called a “Milkweed Assassin Bug”.

Masami: If I am right about this, this is a very welcomed bug for our plants.

Both Leila and I will always take Masami’s word for it when it comes to nature and plant-life because we have learned how Masami feverishly craves to learn as much as she can in everything she involves herself in. And working with plant-life most of her life, we have an easy time believing her assessment.

Occasionally Masami likes to take a mid-day nap. She always tells Leila to wake her up after two hours. Leila has no problem doing this for Masami. She likes to gently shake her to get her to wake up.

Masami kept muttering unintelligibly, as Leila continued to gently shake her. Leila finally got tired of shaking to wake her up, so she did something she knew could irritate Masami. Leila took Masami’s left-pointer finger, and shoved it up Masami’s nose.

Needless to say, Masami awoke.

Leila: It worked, didn’t it?

As I chuckled, Leila raced out of the room knowing Masami may be cranky.

Masami: I’m awake, you little gnat!!

Ahh, the joy of now two sister’s and their very odd behavior towards one another.

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