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My Flowers

It is so pleasant having Leila and Masami being back home now. I am so happy with Leila and Masami being here with me, I swear I could just burst!

A regret that I do have is that I did not post this following picture here first, rather on another website. Yet, it was Leila’s request that I did not look at it until she was safely in Belize.

Happy Anniversary to you too, my love!

With the talk of their vacation now in the back seat, the girls and I realized that it was time to get back to work.

As “special” luck would have it, the girls are now owners of 34 wigs and love every single one of them. The first one is named, ‘Becky’, and you may have already seen ‘Copper’ in a previous post that Leila simply cannot get enough of. Copper may be the next hair-style that I have done by Octave Hair Salon, but we will see.

The girls have never had an all white wig until now; we call it ‘Snow’ and they both want to wear it.

Leila did bring something back from vacation. Her favorite animal is the Owl, as this has been pointed out in a previous post. It has now become clear as to why she loves the Owl so much, as a family heirloom was delivered shortly after the girls came back.

Leila has many fond memories of this Owl, bringing to surface nostalgic thoughts back when she was a child. Her Mother knew she loved it, and sent it to Leila directly and to our home.

Leila insisted that it be placed outside and on our balcony.

I believe that it was about two days later that something else arrived to our home. It was two plants and a small tree, also sent by Leila’s Mother. It was two balloon flowers and a lavender tree.

Masami’s Mother very much loved the lavender tree. Masami by her own admission explained how very much she loved when her Mother would tell her all about nurturing it, caring for it and all that it would take for it to grow very strong.

The smell of lavender has always been very intoxicating for Masami, and Leila also enjoys the smell as well as the fact that the flowers will be purple.

We already had a balloon flower that is in the red pot. It is in its third season and coming along very nicely. You will see this balloon flower in the 2020 ‘First Fourth’ post here.

Leila’s Mom was very thoughtful that perhaps two more may help represent the love that Leila, Masami and myself have for each other. Mom truly does love her babies.

Yes, there are two Boston Ferns of which is an annual tradition to have on our balcony, and the yellow and red small plants are called, ‘Celosia’. I found this Aloe plant, and it has become a very welcomed plant on our balcony.

Yes also, those are, ‘Hens and Chicks’, or ‘Succulents’, that you also may see that I have had on our balcony long before Leila and Masami were here.

Leila and Masami’s phone has been blowing up a lot, lately. More times than not, the caller wants to speak with Leila. Somehow and some way, their personal phone number has been discovered outside them giving their number out.

Neither one of them really care much to be called and talked too. But with their slowly global recognition increasing, sometimes they do respond openly with being irritated.

Leila: “What is it with these damned A.I. calls??

Masami: “Scammer loser trash that want to steal your identity and your money because they are useless and unskilled losers and they know it.”

Leila: “Ok, so what is with the heavy-breathing? They won’t even tell me their name or where they are from?”

Masami: “Perverts that have no life who don’t care to pursue and achieve happiness for themselves through actual work, so it is easier to steal and acquire a temporary fix to satisfy the emptiness in their very soul, hence to steal happiness from those that have it. More useless loser trash.”

Leila: “I try to be nice and fair. What is wrong with people who wish to do such things to others? I am simply trying to be myself is all.”

Masami: “These shit-bags don’t care, sis.”

I bought a phone block device now and both girls love it. Five numbers now blocked, 13,995 to go…

One thing that I love about my girls, is that they love to brush each other’s hair.

Masami closed her book about Trees, and Leila proceeded to brush her hair for this photo shoot.

Masami also got a complete facial. She was given a complete oil bath, newly drawn eyebrows, new upper eyelashes and her lipstick re-done.

Yet she was still a bit cold because Leila is always hot. I am still trying to find the ‘sweet-spot’ for our air conditioning that satisfies all of us.

I added the following picture because I took it from the balcony looking inside while Leila was brushing Masami’s hair. I just thought it was a cool picture.

I am so happy to have Leila and Masami and all of their antics and bickering behavior with me again.

I love you Leila and Masami!

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