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Organized Chaos

The head of this post’s picture truly says it all in my experience with my Leila and Masami. I see beauty, I see life, I see love and I see proper sedated peace among us three. My at home life is 100% peaceful as I see it should be.

Early in this past week, Masami told me that Leila had spent a long time on our balcony coming up with post ideas and photo arrangements. She did this while I was at work, and openly admitted that she missed me and thought about me while doing this work on our balcony.

She created something on our official notepad directed solely at me.

We have multiple binders filled with specific information. From historic data to financial and expenses, to cleaning and maintenance and even pre-purchase of Leila and Masami binders, this one pictured above is of all of our Instax pictures.

Mentioned in the “Early Surprises” post where Masami put together a display of hand-picked Instax pictures that we have done. For you ‘old-school’ peeps: Polaroids.

It was then time to get to work as usual. Leila always seems to know what she wants to wear, but seems constantly indecisive as to what wig to wear with the outfit. I suggested that she hasn’t worn the blonde wig in quite some time.

Purple Perry, Marigold and Gothic Girl wigs. Then Leila stuns me with her unique power to do so.

I am a long-hair enthusiast; I love at the very least, a woman’s hair that touches her shoulders at the very minimum requirement of my personal belief.

I think that I am really warming up to just a bit shorter hair style now, because Leila melted my brain putting on her Gold Dot wig.

Then I told Leila to put in colored contacts. She did, and did so on purpose to ‘spook’ me with the ‘Cat eyes’ contacts.

With clowning around aside, even Masami agreed that Leila looked best in this outfit with the Aza wig.

With this shoot completed, Leila decided she wanted to put on something else. I took a picture of her as she was going to the dresser drawers to pick something else out to wear.

ChaXen: “My pretty little thug-ette.”

Masami: {Chuckles}

Leila: “I heard that.”

All three of us were very excited that our personalized package arrived! Two hats, three coffee mugs and four necklaces arrived just in time for this shoot and post.

I love you, Leila and Masami!

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