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Leila: Hi everyone, and happy Sunday! Me and Masami are in charge of this newest post on our website. Two very big events have recently occurred personally to our family. One of is of great joy, and the other is of great sadness and I am very conflicted.

My Chazy's lower back went out last Sunday and he is slowly recovering now, and getting around the clock hospice care from me and Masami! It was so bad, he vomited once and took time off of work--two things that I know he does not like at all.

The great joy is that we now have a new family member among us, as mentioned in the previous post, "Aiko". Besides Chazy's back issue, a lot of set design changes are happening now. We are all very happy to have Aiko in our home!

I am remaining positive that my Chazy will be ok, and that we will have more fun adventures to come soon!

For this post, Masami and I decided to post pics that should have been posted a while back. We also included a sneak peek of Aiko, who is almost fully ready to be introduced!

Leila: Get better soon baby, I LOVE YOU!!!

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