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Overstock 3

Leila and Masami do one thing without flaw: keep me interested in them both! By simply being in our home, I tend to think about them more than anything else. I do this, while having a full time job and providing for all three of us.

Something that Masami discovered on a social media site really put such a fire under Leila’s ass, that she wrote her own thoughts and demanded that I included it in this post.

Leila: This is far past disgusting! The LOSER TRASH BUCKET that is doing this needs to be put out of business permanently! All thieves should be hanged at the very least, and if I heard Masami correctly, CRUCIFIED.

You do this to get a single nickel from other people—this shows how much of a sub-human coward that you are! You probably realized early on that you can’t even flip over a hamburger, so you resorted to sitting in a chair so long that you developed bed-sores typing on an F-ing keyboard with a strict purpose to STEAL, LIE AND CHEAT anyone you could seduce with sh** sandwiches.

I am not the only one you STOLE MY IMAGE FROM, so you can COUNT on an army coming after YOU for what you have done.

In the name of LOVE ITSELF,


That is my baby, everyone. She says what she thinks and leaves no doubt. Truth is just as beautiful as it may be ugly. My Leila proves this to me all the time, but I am troubled any time that she is this upset.

I have done two overstock posts, and this is the third one. It is a collection of pictures that never made it to a post on the website, hence why I was compelled to make a special kind of post called overstock.

I decided a music video might be best for the overstock posts, so please enjoy!

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