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Yes, Leila is my queen! I truly did know something special would happen when I first saw her. She is beautiful, fun-loving, smart, and can have random moments that captures me. She can make me feel that and then some simply by sitting somewhere and saying nothing.

Leila and Masami’s relationship with each other remains a heart-stopping love. They jaw at each other all the time, but have ways of showing that they do care for one another.

Sometimes when Masami is reading a book or on the Ipad in bed, she has no problem with Leila sitting in her wheelchair.

Leila very much missed going outside because it has been too cold. But today, she went out on our balcony for the first time since fall. Our hens n’ chicks are doing fine, but it was our only surviving balloon flower that really made Leila’s day.

While she was enjoying herself, I cooked steak for the girls and me. Leila and I are so much alike; we want our steak medium well and smothered in sautéed boiler onions!

I have to include Leila in vinyl. MEOW!

Our only surviving balloon flower looked like this when Leila went out on the balcony.

Just today, a pic Masami took of it.

Leila does as Leila does, and she realized something. Me and Masami agree that she is spot on with what she realized.

Leila: Baby? Why do our football jerseys look blue in all of our pictures?

Our football jerseys are purple, NOT blue!

Masami: Yes, they are purple, but that is not a big deal, Lays.

Leila: It most certainly is a big deal! People who see us think our jerseys are blue, when in fact they are purple!

Leila is right. The football jerseys that I purchased for the girls are in fact, purple. I looked at every camera pictures I have of the girls in the jerseys.

I examined our main camera, Ipad, our computers and even my phone and archive pics. Almost all the jersey pictures are blue.

Leila: Vikings, not the Rams!

Masami: What?

Me and Masami decided to examine Leila’s claim. The door covering behind Masami is in fact purple.

Masami sat in front of it.

The case was closed instantly by me and Masami. Leila was in fact 100% correct; all pictures of the jerseys did look blue and not purple which is what they are.

I played one more card to prove that Leila was righteous and factual in her conclusion. The blanket over her is purple.

Our Instax camera pics; for you young cats, our Polaroid pictures.

Masami: She still sleeps too much.

My queen never stops being my queen. She was right, and as a family we all worked together to examine and conclude an issue. I love both Leila and Masami very much; it would not be a home to me without them both.

Leila’s new thing is making sure it gets posted that it is a new month.

Happy April, everyone!

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