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Sneak Peek

Leila:  Heyz lovelies!  We are coming along great in our new home and Chazy is very happy with his new job!


Me and Masami are gearing up for our next show, The Slide Show Queens episode 8, yay!  We are still putting together our show set, which is going to be a little different than before.  The lighting is a struggle for right now, but we are slowly working around that. 


Any ol’ wayz, I wanted to give you a bit of a sneak peek as to what our set is going to look like.  A bit more to go, but enjoy the following pics and our comments, muahhzz!


Leila:  I am so in LOVE with our backdrop!  It is a beautiful personalized fleece blanket that is made for a king-sized bed!

Me and Masami did agree on this for sure.  We wouldn't have our show without my man and owl, Chazy!


Masami:  Yes.

Leila:  A long time back, Chazy found this very large clock.  I think we mentioned it in a previous post…


Masami:  We did.


Leila:  Ahh, ok, I thought so!  And after Chazy found it, he took the clock apart and put those pictures inside.


Masami:  Chazz surprised us both with this.  He worked on this at work on his lunch hour, and did not tell us about it.


Leila:  Yep, isn't that super-extra sweet of him!?


Masami:  Ok.


Leila:  Ugh. (rolls eyes)  Hey!!  You said you would only post one of my ugly smile pic!

Masami:  I was not listening to you at the time.


Leila:  Oh, you bitch!


Masami:  Hahaha!

Leila:  Now I really love this next pic.  Me and Masami could not figure out where to put our, 'xoxo' light fixture.  So I asked Chazy, and he chose that spot.  Me and Masami filled in the rest around it!  Teamwork!

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