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Spring Cleaning

The “spring ahead” has happened, and the timing couldn’t be better. Leila got inspired to clean up her room, throw away things that she did not want, and move a couple of items around.

Before she started this work, she wanted to check online with emails and check in with her massage clinic. Usually when Leila gets online at home, she traditionally wears a t-shirt and panties, but occasionally tight-fitting shorts as well.

This time around, I was blown away that she wanted to dress up as though she was at the office in person.

When Leila was done, she wanted to take her clothes off, and put on something more comfortable. She allowed me to delay her clothes change, as I wanted to take some more pictures of her in what she was currently wearing. What a total sweetheart!

Outside of getting rid of things that she does not want, cleaning the carpet and wiping down pictures and walls, I have found that Leila is an ultimate warrior when it comes to dust.

Leila marches head-on in her pilgrimage to fight off dust-bunnies, and in her view a traditional hand-duster is simply not enough. She details her work with paint brushes.

Leila is not always excited about change, but she can be reasoned with. She moved her black dresser and her undergarment dresser in another spot. She loves how it looks and how easy it is to access clothing from these dressers.

I feel exactly the same way.

Leila then focused on her jewelry. While where it was previously located was just fine, but she convinced me of an idea.

Our bathroom has a main mirror, and it also has a medicine cabinet. The medicine cabinet door is actually a mirror too. We use the medicine cabinet, but I cannot think of a time that the cabinet door mirror was ever useful.

Leila wanted me to figure out a way to better use the mirror, while still be able to access the medicine cabinet as normal.

I purchased several packs of small suction cups that came with hooks, and here is what we agreed upon.

I recently bought Leila a sexy outfit of which she totally loves. In fact, she affectionately calls it her, ‘Spank Me’ outfit.

I also bought her new eyes, and I am very happy with how they shine!

Leila truly is my queen. I add the word timeless as a prefix.

My Timeless Queen; my Leila.

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