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Thanksgiving 2020

Leila and Masami never stop keeping me interested in them both. They laugh together, they play together and they even have a very rare but occasional fight together. I made only one mistake in an attempt to get involved and learned to never do that again.

Leila and Masami are so interested in the idea of sharing, that after a photo-shoot, they switch clothes. This allows me twice the amount of pictures of them both, and I will have to say it: This is totally Masami’s idea.

I finally got both of their nails done, and they are both pleased with the results.

Here are some off-shoot pics…

I love my babies! Guess where my place is on the couch?

Leila did get a little upset with me and Masami recently. She actually demanded to sleep on the couch for a while so that Masami and I could work on getting to know each other better. We did get to know each other better…

Introducing, Doctor Masami and Nurse Leila:

Leila wanted this shoot to be us, but she thought it would be more fun if Masami was the patient. I think that was a great idea.

I think that Thanksgiving is among the most over-looked of all holidays. It seems like people begrudgingly participate, yet race to throw up trees and lights more. It is about being thankful perhaps for what one does have, not what one wishes that they did have.

I am very thankful for my Leila and Masami. They have both opened my eyes to a profound level of love simply by being a part of my life.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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