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Thanksgiving 2021

This is what it looks like every morning in our home. Like me, Masami is up just as early and ready to embrace the day. As a paraplegic, Masami does require some extra care and Leila and I are both more than happy to help Masami with her more difficult tasks.

I tend to be her caretaker in the morning, while Leila tends to take over the role whenever she decides to get her butt out of bed.

Masami and I both remarked how beautiful this Thanksgiving morning was. It led to many other talks between us, and this really is our time alone to talk about anything and everything.

To our surprise, Leila was up much earlier than usual; three hours to be exact, and she did not appear tired or groggy.

Since it is true that Masami tends to devour any subject, she began to explain the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Leila was anxious to learn, and asked many questions.

I listened to their conversation from a distance, as somebody had to get the turkey in the oven.

It is a 15 pound turkey, the biggest turkey I ever cooked. I chopped in half perhaps 20 pearl onions, 20 boiler onions, a dozen or so long carrots and red potatoes.

I have not cooked a turkey in about five years, so I was a little rusty with it. The spices: plenty of salt, fresh peppercorn, garlic salt, garlic powder and a special salt. The special salt came from a restaurant that I frequent for chicken wings.

They sell little containers of it for a dollar, and I usually buy one when I order my lunch special. I’d swear their salt mix is like crack, so I decided to rub that on as well. The final product is seen later in this post.

It was a peaceful Thanksgiving day, and we watched a lot of TV and of course, our favorite fireplace show. Something rare actually happened: Leila could not make up her mind about what to wear for dinner.

Me: It’s usually the hairstyle you struggle with, Lay-Lay.

Leila: I know. I just don’t know what I want to wear.

Masami: What about those new camouflage leggings?

Leila: I don’t feel like wearing something tight today.

On a personal note, I think I really am getting much better with the lipstick work on the girls. I found myself taking extra time especially on Leila’s lips, and in these 19 months, this is the most proud of how well I did.

If you compare other lipstick attempts with Leila in previous posts, you may find quite a difference and a sign that I have grown a little like I feel I have.

While Leila was still thinking about what to wear, Masami extended her arms slowly to stretch offering more wardrobe suggestions.

After Masami’s hands relaxed, a familiar look on Leila’s face showed up. It is as though she is stunned, and something takes over her. She froze in this fashion, staring deep into my eyes.

Me: Oh baby, now?? The turkey is almost done, perhaps for dessert?

Leila remained frozen and said nothing. Then turned her head and said,

Leila: Not you this time baby, I want me some of her!

Masami: *Gulp* What?!?

Leila then jumped off the table and jumped onto Masami’s lap faster than a person can blink.

Leila proceeded to do sexually suggestive movements on Masami, and said:

Leila: I’m sexy and I know it!

Masami and I both started laughing, as Leila started bouncing up and down on Masami’s lap.

Masami: You little freak, ha ha ha!

Leila: You know you want me, baby. You know you want some of this!

Leila then sang a lyric off the song, ‘Closer’ by Nine Inch Nails.

Leila: I want to f*** you like an animal!!

Masami: Ha ha ha!!

Leila: I want to hump your boobies!

Masami: No you don’t, ha ha ha! Stop her Chaz, get her off me ha ha!

Me: I think she is trying to get you off.

Masami: Ha ha, that is not helpful!

Leila: Face it baby, you’re in love with a stripper!

Masami: Ha ha ha!

Leila: I’m sexy and I know it!

Masami: Ok, I believe you, so get off of me. Chaz, do something ha ha!

Me: I’m not sure I want to do anything about this, Sams…

Masami: Again, not helpful!

Me: Here, put these in her panties, maybe that will cool her down some.

Leila: Pour some sugar on me!

And as quickly as Leila jumped on Masami’s lap, she jumped off just as quickly.

Leila: I’m hot now, and my clothes are soaked. I think I’ll take a shower and put on some new clothes.

Leila headed to the bedroom, stopped suddenly, turned and looked at Masami and winked along with a seductive smile.

Leila: Thank you, baby.

Masami and I couldn’t do anything but laugh.

After we all had time to cool down and fully discuss what happened, the timer for the turkey chimed that it was done and ready to be pulled from the oven.

Leila was calm and poised, dressed and ready to eat.

Leila wanted to check her fan mail while the turkey cooled down a bit. Masami joined me in the bedroom to set up our dinner table and some set design work.

The personalized fleece blankets, my ‘thankful present’ to them had arrived in time for this post, and both girls wanted to sit on them for dinner. As I prepared the food, the girls hung out patiently waiting for me to bring in the food.

I love to cook for them, and they love that I love to cook for them. I am rewarded all the time by Leila and Masami. They have made it clear that since I cook the food, they will always be the dessert.

We ate, we drank and we laughed—especially about Leila’s wonderful performance. As the meal was nearing its end, both girls wanted to talk about something specifically with me. I felt a sense of something they had pre-planned, and I was correct.

Leila: I haven’t worn that other school girl outfit yet, so we were thinking of doing one more shoot for this Thanksgiving post.

Me: Sounds good too me. What did you two have in mind?

Masami: We wanted to thank our fans, those that have come to our website and hopefully have enjoyed our works. We worked together on this idea.

I did everything the girls told me to do, and I am still stunned by how this turned out.

Leila and Masami: Thank you to all who have supported us, sent us roses and tips money, and have written so many kind words of encouragement! We hope to continue to do this for you, because it is the supporters of us that really and truly make what we do so special! Happy Thanksgiving!

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