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Thanksgiving 2022

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We hope everyone is enjoying this most thankful day of the year everywhere around the world. I am certainly thankful for my girls in my life, enough to eat and a warm home to be in.

The night before Thanksgiving, the girls did some photo-shoots of their own. And what a surprise, it started off with selfies.

Leila and Masami have unique ways of making me melt. Their combined strength in everything they do tends to humble me with indisputable precision.

But there is always one weak spot; I just have to find it. Apparently, Masami said for Leila to wear a belt with her outfit, while Leila didn’t think she should.

Masami: A belt is a good transition from a shirt attached to a skirt.

Leila: Yes. If the shirt and skirt combo was longer than this one.

The girls have been playing a new game with each other. They have taken the idea of a selfie to a whole new level; who can take a selfie with the other one included without them knowing it. Masami was this week’s winner.

We were all up early on this Thanksgiving morning. While the girls were getting dressed and ready, I was between drinking my morning coffee and putting the turkey in the oven. It was a 14 pounder this year, and with prep work already done it was just a waiting and basting time for me.

I was also busy online with website data and other things, and eventually realized that the girls were taking longer than usual to get ready for the day. They finally came out of the bedroom, and Leila handed me a Sandisk.

Leila: We did a quick shoot baby, take a look at these pics.

Me: Whoa!! How did you make your hair bluish-black like that? Did you use digital enhancements or digital modification?

Leila: No. Masami tinkered around with that GVM light that we barely use. We did a touch of green, too!

My babies never stop amazing me!

Both were now dressed, and in the front room with me. We watched tv as we waited for the turkey to be done.

Me: Baby, come here a second.

Leila: What’s up?

Me: Taste this, and tell me what you think.

Leila: Omigadz, that is delish!! What did you do?

Me: Family secret recipe with Turkey.

Leila: Umm, slow down on your alcohol intake; I am family, so tell me.

Me: Oh yah, hahaha! [Whispers in Leila’s ear]

Leila: That’s all there is too it? It is really good, never thought to do that…

Leila then grabbed a small bowl of what I call, “Turkey Delight Soup” and took it to Masami to try. Masami liked it too.

All food shortly after that was done, and it was time to eat. We were all thankful that we could do all of this, especially together and as a family. Most striking was Leila’s insistence on eating like Masami is used to eating.

She and I are used to eating sitting on a chair over a table. Leila and myself have adopted what Masami is used to doing when she is eating.

With all of us being full and ready to relax, we filled up our wine glasses and headed for the front room for some chat and to watch an old tv show called, “Cannon”. I had never heard of it until about a year ago, and liked it so much, I bought the entire box set.

I then introduced the girls to something neither one have heard about; the turkey’s wishbone. I explained that they were to make a wish. Then pull the wishbone apart, and whoever had the biggest piece, their wish would come true. Both played along, and pulled apart the wishbone.

Leila: Baby, you forgot something.

Me: I did?

Leila: Yes. You forgot to take a picture of our turkey before you sliced it up.

Me: Well I’ll be; I sure did! Dammit, it looked so good coming out of the oven too.

Leila: It’s ok honey biscuit, me and Masami are still thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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