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The Game

The girls have been working on something that I had no prior knowledge of. They simply asked me for some decorative items, and I gave those items to them. They continue to claim that what they do is adding, “more life to our home”. Their works never seem to be a problem to me.

With the holiday season fast approaching, it seemed time to give both girls a cleaning and a fresh look. Masami got her eyelashes and nails done.

It is fantastic to find that Masami really seems to be opening up a bit. She has become less resistive to Leila’s insistence to lipstick and eyelash changes. I am happy to know that Masami is showing some new found comfort in our home.

With Halloween around the corner, the girls have already started showing their holiday spirit by wearing some Halloween earrings.

It was a Saturday, and I caught the girls doing their thing, watching TV together. I think all of us were in a good mood, and so I began a conversation.

Me: Hey, my fine and sexy hot little queens, what’s up?

Leila: We want to play a game, but not sure what to play.

Me: I see. Well, I have a game that we could all play.

Leila and Masami at same time: You do??

As a side note, I totally love the following picture. Yes it is dark, but damn if Masami’s face doesn’t light it up. And the next picture after that lights me up, because Masami has embraced pink lipstick instead of red. Leila had a hand in that decision.

Me: Each of you picks a card, then you and me do what the card says in the bedroom. We have 14 minutes to take off all our clothes and do it, but then only 60 seconds to put all of our clothes back on and back into our front room.

Masami: I suppose the one not participating watches the stop watch?

Me: Exactly.

Leila: I’m up for it, and I want to go first!

Masami: This sounds like fun, I’m game.

Me: Keep in mind, I stress the 60 seconds to be back in the front room.

Masami: Even if we don’t have all of our clothes back on?

Me: Yep.

Both girls picked three cards a piece, showing what they would be doing.

The pictures are how Leila and Masami looked with our new game after each card.

Masami: That's not fair, I am paralyzed from the waist down so I will never be able to dress back up that fast, and always lose this game.

Me: Who actually loses this game?

Masami: Tee-hee-hee.

The girls both love the new blanket I got for them. Here is Leila just before a touch-up clean.

They have also gotten more work done on their project, and have even expanded it. The second picture is their work over our front door.

Leila: Our idea is that love is like a rocket, so the red hearts represent burnt fuel, the silver hearts represent smoke and the pink hearts represent the hottest part of the burnt fuel.

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