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Top Pics-2021

The time has come again for another tradition of; the top 50 pictures of the year 2021 music video! This is also our 60th post!

If you have read some of the goings on with my lovelies Leila and Masami, you will know that we recently did our Calendar Girls video/post. To summarize, it is a gathering of the top 13 pictures among all favorite pictures of the year. Essentially, they are the best of the best of the current year.

With that said, our Top Pics post not only includes those 13 pics, but also all Calendar Girl runners up pics. This year, we had six runners up pics, so they are included here also. This then means that there are 31 other pictures in Top Pics, which makes 50 total pics.

You also may see what we are considering to make another tradition as well: outfit of the year. This year, it seems that the leopard skin outfit is the outfit of the year 2021.

There is also an issue with the audio volume. I ran out of time to fix it, but hopefully future videos will be better. I am now rambling on, and talking too much. Enjoy the show, enjoy my Leila and Masami, and Happy New Year!!

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