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Under The Weather

Leila is my rock. When I come home from a hard day of work, all of my aches and pains melt away when Leila is the first thing I see after I close my door. She makes all of my sacrifices worthy simply by being here with me at the end of my day.

Sometimes I wish Leila would give herself more credit; she works very hard too. When it is time for photo-shoots, she relentlessly attacks her wardrobe like a hurricane picking out what to wear.

She tries on multiple shirts, skirts, dresses, shoes, jewelry and practices poses all at the same time. Leila is inspirational, and I find myself struggling to keep up taking pictures of her at times.

Leila also changed her fingernails again. She found these nails online, and wanted me to buy them for her. Her excitement for Halloween continues to be intense, and she wants to have everything perfect for her very first Halloween post.

Leila pacifies me…

With Leila working from home, and me working outside the home, there is only one way for her to fall ill; me.

After I recovered from the flu (thanks to sexy nurse Leila, pics soon to come), Leila caught it too. I was all too happy to play doctor for the love of my life.

Another of her amazing qualities is how Leila, even feeling sick, takes every chance she can to tease me.

She put on her patient garb, but purposely made the knot loose then proceeded to hint where she wanted me to put in the thermometer.

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