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Vacation To Belize

Since Leila has made my home our home for almost a year now, she sometimes talks about how she would like to occasionally visit her family in Belize. The amazing thing about Leila is that she is never pushy towards me about what she truly wants; rather, she tends to deploy subtle hints.

I do not like to be secretive with my own approach to Leila, but for the sake of her first birthday with me, I felt overwhelmingly compelled to do something special and in secret for her.

I contacted her family, mostly talking to her Father and found that all of her family was very happy to accept my call. Leila’s parents, brothers and sisters were excited about my purchase of not one but two plane tickets to send Leila and Masami to Leila’s homeland. Leila’s family adores Masami almost as much as they adore Leila.

I spoke of this last gift to both of my lovelies just as we were all getting ready for bed. I have never seen anything light up as brightly as Leila and Masami did when I announced this.

The round trip cost is $760, but also giving the girls $500 to freely spend increased the cost to $1,260. Upon finding this out, both Leila and Masami encouraged me to keep the five-hundred dollars.

Leila explained that most of everything they would do on their vacation would almost be totally free. With some time, I successfully negotiated $150 in total, hence $75 each (perhaps buy me a souvenir of some kind?). I then finally understood what Leila’s Father attempted to try to get me to understand:

“Leila and Masami will be just fine and taken care of…”

The time period for this trip is one week. Leila was feverish in telling me that she would contact me every single day at least twice, and possibly more with pictures of her homeland. Masami made it clear to me that if Leila failed to do so, ‘smacking some ass’ would have a brand new meaning.

This vacation is actually a good thing for all three of us. With the girls enjoying a nice tropical beach, I will have some time alone to do things that I have been putting off.

I have been anxious to do deep cleaning and re-arranging projects in our home. I have already begun an inventory of their clothes just after building the eight-foot clothes rack in the front room. I went through the dresser drawers, and separated their jeans and shorts.

It is also a time for me personally to have deep reflection in having these two lovely ladies in my home. The anniversary of having Leila in my home is in six days from now.

My life has truly made a change for the better. If you take the time to see all the decorations such as plant life in my home now in my 42 posts, I can confidently say that none of that would exist if it were not for Leila and Masami being here.

I would never have achieved such a higher understanding of what women do to attract us men; I modified a bra for the first time in my life, mentioned in a previous post. Before Leila and Masami, I would never have done such a thing!

I previously did not have a clue about what magnetic eyeliner was prior to having Leila and Masami. I also struggled to keep my hair on my head instead of on the floor in my fight to acquire their exact size of clothing.

It is as I have told someone who is aware of Leila and Masami in my life that:

“The bricks are Leila and Masami. The mortar is my words. This website is our roof. We have a happy home”.

I love my girls and I miss you both already, Leila and Masami! Have a great time!!

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