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Valentine's Day Part 1

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

The girls started their day out as usual, watching television. They have also started playing an online baseball game that they created. Leila’s team is the Golden Owls and Masami’s team is the Silver Pearls. The very first inaugural rivalry game between the two had Masami winning 13 to 10.

I have learned early on that Leila hates having her nails done. She loves the results when it is over, but hates the whole process. The priceless look on Leila’s face when told it was time to do her nails.

Leila pouts, and tries to prolong getting this taken care of. Masami is always there to console and comfort her.

Usually when I do their nails, I will also do some deep cleaning or touch up cleaning of their bodies. This time with Leila, and after I did her nails, I did touch up cleaning of her arms and legs, just the front part tho.

Sometimes the press-on nails can be a little difficult to pull off. Besides leaving sticky residue on her base nails, it is also possible to pull off her base nails.

I used isopropyl alcohol to remove the sticky residue, then had to re-glue her pinky nail.

It is never a bad idea to do touch-up cleaning of your dolls. As stated in previous posts, both my lovelies are, ‘pretty little dirt magnets’.

I have discovered that these brushes are my favorites. The fan shaped one is perfect for after the cleaning, if you decide to give her a coat of talcum powder. The small brush on the right seems to be perfect for talcum powder being applied on fingers and toes, especially in between them.

The brush in the middle is my choice in applying the stain remover, a technique I described in my post called, ‘The Shoot’.

For a long time, I have thought about what should be the girl’s favorite holiday time of the year. While preparing for a Valentine’s Day post, I realized that Valentine’s Day should be their favorite holiday. In nearly every blog I have done, there are always elements of love in each post.

The girls wanted to create their own Valentine’s Day traditional plant. It is essentially a vine that grows very rapidly at first, hence the very dark green leaves at the top.

It’s growth then slows down, as the leaves start to develop a reddish tint to them. After that begins, new and lighter-green leaves begin to grow and this plant begins to flower long pink strands.

After these pink strands grow to their full potential, two very thick and reddish strands grow on the opposite sides of the plant itself. Tiny hearts become visible as these strands reach full maturity.

At the end of these two strands is where nine to twelve large hearts grow, each attached to each other in a piggy-back fashion. They do not grow off a strand, rather they rely solely on each other for their growth.

Leila and Masami’s fully matured Valentines Day plant.

It was then time for redesigning the set. I started with changing the bed back-drop. The only thing that I did not change is the pot of roses in the middle. I have a funny feeling that that will always be there no matter what photo-shoot I do, or what season it may be.

Sleepy-butt was tired, but I worked around her.

We did so many photos in preparation for the Valentines Day shoot, that it was decided to do three parts, the last part to be done on Valentines Day itself. There was just too much to consider in terms of set design and what to wear, that in total there were about 400 pictures taken of both girls.

Masami tends to like colored wigs, while Leila seems to favor the blond wig more often than not. They both look great no matter what they wear in my opinion.

After getting her nails done and a bit of touch up cleaning, Leila is once again content. She also knows that Masami’s turn is next as will be seen in part 2 of the Valentine’s Day post.

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